Video for marketing

Video for Marketing is a significant game changer. Businesses that use video as part of their marketing strategy are more than 50% more visible than their competitors who don’t. Many businesses avoid the idea because they believe it will be too expensive. Simple 30 second explainer videos can cost as little as £50. There are a multitude of opportunities to use video for marketing. Videos are excellent for quick low cost Social Media campaigns such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube

Video for marketing – Return on Investment

Marketing in this way with video brings added value. It allows the business to realise a return on investment by monetising their marketing asset. When videos are serving their purpose they will attract a larger audience than a written article or a static image. Most videos are hosted on different servers such as YouTube or Vimeo. This means that popular marketing material can also generate advertising revenue. Additionally, because these videos also contain links and opportunities for further information, they form an important part of any funnel. Whether the funnel is going to lead to a sales or awareness conversion, it will have a higher conversion rate than most other materials used.

A well planned  campaign will leave a residual long term legacy long after the paid campaign has ceased, Short marketing videos will continue to attract viewers long after the initial launch has passed.


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