Welsh web copy – starting a new trend in Cardiff

Welsh web copy – starting a new trend in Cardiff

Welsh web copy is unnervingly the exception rather than the rule for Welsh businesses online.

Multi-lingual campaigns

Brayve recently started operating from Cardiff and it’s been quite an exciting move for us. Developing a multi lingual approach isn’t new to us. We built multi lingual websites and ran multi lingual campaigns in South Africa in one or more of their whopping ELEVEN official languages.

So we’ve been studying the language. Don’t forget that although Brayve makes up a small team our folks speak ten languages between them. It’s been a challenge, but we’re getting there. We’re not going to be blogging in Welsh too soon. Not of course until we’ve found our new Welsh speaking copywriters.

No we haven’t lost our minds. We’ve done our homework. Welsh is taught in the schools, it’s a strong identifier for Welsh nationality and it’s a unique language. It’s great when we’re in a Welsh shop and the people behind the counter don’t want me to know what’s really going on, so they communicate in their national language.

Welsh Web Copy

Brayve is bringing language to Business in Wales, by creating Welsh web copy. We’ll be providing copy in Welsh as well as English for websites, Adwords, Facebook and Instagram campaigns. There is nothing better to catch the eye of the targeted Welsh public by advertising in a language that they’ll recognise as unique to them.

Studies have been made on the use of Welsh language in business and public services and the evidence indicates a lack of confidence not only by those that are not very confident in using Welsh but by Welsh speakers themselves.  Brayve intends to take advantage of this and grow a strong Welsh business base.

Welsh Content

Now that we’ve discovered that Business Wales is offering a free proof reading service, we’re going to be able to incubate and manage the new service that we’ll be providing. We’re going to create another five web copy jobs, because Business Wales free Welsh language proof reading service will make it all possible.

Language and how we use it is a substantial part of how we draw attention to our business. It appears in copy, in video and audio, as well as tagging in memes. We have such perfect opportunity to use. It. Too often we focus only on the image, the video or the topic, rather than the language and the expression we use to get the message across.

And now in our Cardiff office, we are bringing Welsh language to the Welsh consumer.

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