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How Benefit Segmentation Will Take Your Marketing Campaigns to the Next Level

If you’re a fan of HubSpot’s Inbound Marketing Methodology, you probably understand the importance of customer success. If you don’t, just know that 70% of businesses with growing revenue prioritize customer success as “very important.” We can compare that to companies with decreasing revenue where only 49% believe it’s important. So, if you want your…
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Facebook Launches New Bitmoji-Like Avatars, Starting with Users in Australia

It’s been in development for some time, and now, Facebook is launching its own variation of Bitmoji – called Facebook Avatars – which will provide users with an alternate, cartoonish identity, for use in a range of stickers and tools that can be applied across both Facebook and Messenger. The process for creating your Facebook…
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Facebook Shares Take a Hit on News of Potential Antitrust Investigation, New Apple Tools

While it wasn’t disastrous, Monday wasn’t exactly the best day ever for Mark Zuckerberg’s dominant social media behemoth. As reported by The Wall Street Journal, the FTC has been given the green light to launch an investigation into Facebook’s dealings, in relation to a potential antitrust action.  As per WSJ: “The Federal Trade Commission will…
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YouTube Faces New Questions Over its Algorithm-Selected Content Recommendations

The online space has become increasingly dominated by algorithms, digital systems which ‘learn’ from your behavior, and recommend more content along similar lines to keep you engaged and on platform. That makes sense from the perspective of the companies which benefit from keeping you locked into their apps, but the problem with algorithms is that…
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The Best Forum Software for Creating an Online Community in 2019

In the Internet’s 40-year history, forums haven’t lost their importance. Today, forums are still significant opportunities to build an online community, and allows your audience to connect in a place where they know their interests are shared. The importance of creating and growing an online community is becoming more and more apparent for businesses —…
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The 13 Types of Landing Pages & How to Pick One for a Campaign

You know them, you love them, you lay awake late at night thinking of them. Yes, marketers, we’re talking about landing pages. Those lovable lead drivers we optimize, tweak, update, and test. Whether you’re a blogger, social media marketer, or paid marketer — you have a healthy relationship with the landing page. Sometimes, you might…
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19 Examples of Brilliant Email Marketing Campaigns [Template]

On any given day, most of our email inboxes are flooded with a barrage of automated email newsletters that do little else besides giving us another task to do on our commutes to work — namely, marking them all as unread without reading, or unsubscribing altogether. But every now and then, we get a newsletter…
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10 Essential On-Page SEO Factors for Google Success in 2020 and Beyond [Infographic]

Are you looking for ways to improve your Google rankings? Want to know how to optimize your website to appear higher in search engines? The team from Red Website Design share ten essential on-page SEO factors you should concentrate on in this infographic. Here’s a quick summary of what’s covered: E-A-T Title Tag Meta Description Headlines…
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3 of the Most Common LinkedIn Marketing Mistakes – and How to Fix Them

Are you making these three common mistakes with your LinkedIn content? You “hijack” your own post You post on LinkedIn only to promote your self-interest You don’t have a LinkedIn content strategy I’m seeing so many of these kinds of posts in my feeds, so I thought I should share with you why these are…
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Pinterest Influencers Might Change the Social Media Game for Brands [Infographic]

While it may not be a big factor in your social media planning, Pinterest is definitely on the rise. The platform now has 291 million monthly active users – for comparison, Twitter has 330 million MAU. That’s still quite a few million away, obviously, but it’s likely not as far as most would expect. Indeed, Pinterest…
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