5 Tips to Increase Conversion Rate of Your WooCommerce Store

5 Tips to Increase Conversion Rate of Your WooCommerce Store


In the current social media obsessed environment, when you look out for ways that can help you increase conversion rate, you wouldn’t be dissatisfied with the result that you’re going to get. All you’d need to do is target the right set of audience on correct platform.

Although everything might seem fascinating, however, the real challenge would start once you’ve started receiving an adequate number of visitors on your WooCommerce store. And, from there, you’d have to compel your visitors rightly so that they’d purchase some or the other thing from your store.

Having said that, here are the top 5 considerable tips that you can apply so as to skyrocket your conversion rate. Have a read!

Tips to Increase Conversion Rate of WooCommerce Store

1. Create a Sense of Urgency

Create a Sense of Urgency

If you’ve dived deeper into the behavior of your customer, you’d understand how impatient they generally are. Moreover, if your target audience also includes youngsters, creating a sense of urgency is going to help you achieve better results. When it comes to this, there are several ways to execute this idea.

First of all, you can showcase the number of products left in your stock. While going through products, there are chances that your customers might leave the purchase on next day or delay it because of certain reasons. However, if you show the In Stock number, they might want to complete the purchase without missing it whatsoever.

Secondly, you can also come up with a particular offer or deal and tell your customers that it’s available for a certain period of time. Nobody would want to leave a significant product and that too when it’s available at a lower price.

2. Make Your Call-to-Action Hard to Miss


For those who don’t seem to find an answer for how to increase conversion rate, paying attention to this aspect is quite crucial. The call-to-action, also known as CTA buttons, are the ones you’d want your visitors to click as soon as they land upon your website. Although you’d have displayed these buttons on every other page, right from the product page to the checkout, it’s the position and alignment that you shouldn’t take for granted.

For obvious reasons, you must highlight these buttons to make them stand apart from the rest of the things of the website. While optimizing it, there are three different aspects that you must consider, like:

The Placement: A CTA button must be placed at the top of the page so that it’d attract your visitors instantly.

Shape & Color: In comparison with other content, make sure you’re making CTAs different and attractive. So, select the right shape and colors. You can also use pictograms as well as bright colors to differentiate these elements.

The Text: While writing down text for CTA buttons, try and neglect aggressive verbs as much as you can. You must not let the visitor realize that you’re forcing them to take an action. It might make them run away.

At the end, ensure what you’ve settled down for is proficient enough to help you obtain results.

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According to an estimation, just more than two-thirds of carts are abandoned on every WooCommerce store. Especially, your visitors tend to abandon the basket before finalizing their order. They may add relevant products to their cart or may even fill out the checkout form but never complete the purchase.

If you manage to decrease this dropout percentage, you can surely see a positive impression on your conversion rate. So, how can you re-engage those who’ve abandoned the cart? You can easily do so by intelligently pushing the abandoners towards completing their purchase and availing the best of your products or services.

You’d have two significant options, you can either send them an email or call them. Of course, it can only be done if they’ve left their data behind. Generally, calling abandoners turns out to be more time consuming and intrusive. So, you can avoid it if you can and make use of emails to get in touch with your customers.

You can send them a reminder for completing the purchase. Or, you can also email them regarding the latest offer running over the products lying in their cart. If not, you can also tell them how soon their cart products are going to be out of stock.

4. Clearly Mention the Product Specification

Re-Engage Cart Abandoners (1)

The more transparent you’re being with your target audience, the better they’ll be able to trust you. And, it’ll not just help you increase the conversion rate but establish significant credibility among users as well. Therefore, when it comes to mentioning product specifications, you need not to hide anything from your customers.

Keep in mind, your one mistake can push you into the dig of loss. In terms of both good and bad services, your customers tend to influence other leads through word-of-mouth. In such a situation, if you’ve mentioned something on your product page and you fail to provide the exact same thing to the customer, one bad review might ruin your brand’s reputation.

Thus, make sure you’re being as cautious as you can here. Structure the product descriptions in such a manner that you seem to prioritize the information. Tell your customers about the features of your products. But, you must also talk about their benefits.

5. Simplify the Checkout Process

Simplify the Checkout Process

On a WooCommerce store, a checkout process is a journey that visitors complete until the very last step of payment. Upon observing, it’s been noted that the shorter the process of checkout, the more likely a visitor will end up purchasing a product. Thus, to enhance your conversion rate optimization, you must cut short your checkout process.

Generally, it’s also not advised to compel visitors to create an account so as to complete their purchase. This practice can leave a negative impact on your overall conversion rate. There’s a majority of users who don’t wish to create an account and they give up on your website if they’re forced to do so.

You must always leave the choice upon your users. Also, avoid asking a lot of personal information from users. You must only ask what’s necessary, such as full name, email address, bank details, delivery address, and more. To upstream the process, provide a smooth navigation system. Make it easier for customers to access different products without experiencing much hassle.


The conversion rate is one such essential factor that lets a WooCommerce store to enhance the turnover with the help of digital marketing. Of course, conversion is what provides the ability to obtain more customers and increase the flow of income. Therefore, having a high conversion rate is crucial for the survival of any online store.

With these best practices, you can optimize your WooCommerce website and seamlessly skyrocket the sales. So, start implementing them today, without any further ado.

If you know about any additional tips and techniques that can help increase website conversion rate, don’t forget to share with us in the comments section below.


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