7 WordPress Directory Plugins You Can’t Do Without in 2020!

7 WordPress Directory Plugins You Can’t Do Without in 2020!


Best WordPress Directory Plugins

The word Directory has been often a loosely used jargon for a centralized place to find general information. Yellow Page is a classic example of a directory that has long served the business community.

Business directories are essential tools offering information across multiple facets of a business with an option to search using multiple filters. Today, marketers are using various tools, coined as plugins to help instantly get information and perform actions. These online directories, including Google & Facebook, are smart enough to identify your location and suggest the best options for your needs. WordPress is not far behind when it comes to providing a business directory.

A plethora of WordPress directory plugins is abundantly available today. We have listed the best business directory plugins for you, but before that, it is imperative to understand what your WordPress business directory plugins must-have.

What Should You Look for in a Business Directory Plugin:

One of the key factors is the objective – the type of directory that you plan to launch. If the directory is all about making money through ads by charging businesses, then you must have plugins that enable payment collection and so on. However, there are certain factors, which are common across all WordPress directory plugins such as:

  1. Ability to accommodate new listings and even adjust the previous or old listings
  2. Strong backend WordPress tools to empower merchants to share their information with the online community
  3. Robust payment features to enable businesses to collect money
  4. Flexible systems to manage feedback and review along with a proper rating mechanism
  5. Features of providing location-based search
  6. Customizable forms and fields to ensure proper data submission

Let’s go through 6 of the top WordPress directory plugins that will provide to be a real help for businesses. Read on.

  1. Business Directory Plugin
  2. GeoDirectory
  3. Advanced Classifieds & Directory Pro
  4. Connections Business Directory
  5. Web 2.0 Directory
  6. Toolset Directory

Business Directory Plugin

Business Directory Plugin | WordPress Directory Plugins | Wpeka


This is a typical core directory feature with standard features such as acceptance of payment and customized form fields. These features are available in their free edition of the main plugin. Few add-on modules are also available at a premium, such as:

  • Discount codes
  • Attachments for file upload
  • Google Maps
  • Checkout Gateway Module
  • Feature to capture ratings

If you are planning to build a directory as strong as Yellow Pages, you must go ahead with these add-on plugins. Although, with the basic version, you can still have a robust directory. One of the primary reasons for people opting for this plugin is a large landscape of free components available. To top it all, there is another huge set of add-ons too.

Why this plugin?

  • Most of the features are available in the free version
  • Payment support available in the plugin
  • Customizable form fields 
  • Upload images and thumbnail enhancement options.


The upgraded version available at an added cost of $199.99 with all features. Individually, these modules are also available for $69.99 each.


GeoDirectory |WordPress Directory Plugins | Wpeka


Looking for a fast directory with a global presence? The GeoDirectory WordPress directory plugin is the tool for you. Even though the core functionality of the plugin is to have a global reach, users can localize their directory to specific regions, localities or even clusters. A major chunk of the plugin is available free, but few add-ons are great for various activities such as events across different locations, setting up pricing for different locations, reviews, and integration with BuddyPress.

Why this plugin?

The beautiful search interface and an amazing front end of this plugin is its star attraction. It can be leveraged by both merchants and normal users. Here are some other reasons that should make you go for this plugin:

  • Over 15 types of fields for developing your custom forms
  • More than 15 widgets provided 
  • Merchants with listings can get Google Analytics report as well.


The add-ons are available for $19

Advanced Classifieds & Directory Pro

Advanced Classifieds & Directory Pro | WordPress Directory Plugins | Wpeka

Advanced Classifieds & Directory Pro (ACADP) is a powerful and flexible WordPress directory plugin that allows you to create any type of directory site.

It is a free plugin and one of the key features is its highly configurable location setup with functional google map integrations.

Why this plugin?

Here are some of the key factors to help you go for this plugin

  • The majority of features are available free of cost.
  • Comes with an advanced search widget that helps users to search by keyword, location, category, and other parameters
  • All available listing pages come with the feature of uploading images and videos

The only limitation is that the library of add-ons is not very exhaustive. However, since most of the features are already included in the core plugin, most of the businesses won’t need too many add-ons. The inclusion of all the vital features within the free version makes it extremely popular.


Though most of the features are freely available, certain components go well with WooCommerce, PayPal, and other payment tools. These add-ons come for $19.99 per add-on.

Connections Business Directory

Connections Business Directory | WordPress Directory Plugins | Wpeka


This plugin allows users to create everything from a simple contact list to a large comprehensive business listing. The WordPress business directory plugin for WordPress is easily compatible and configurable, thus considered as the most flexible plugin. The core plugin is available free and then there are premium extensions available from the developer community.

Why this plugin?

  • The core plugin is free with most of the add-ons ranging in the economical price band of $5 to $10
  • It comes with special tools and systems to customize the entire directory
  • Important dates such as anniversaries can be stored in the database using this plugin


The premium add-ons are available in various price ranges but do not go beyond $75.00.

WP Local Plus

WP Local Plus Plugin

WP Local Plus is a completely automated plugin enabling users to create strong content-driven, extremely flexible and dynamic local business directories. It encompasses local business listings, reviews of businesses, offers along with integration with Google maps. This plugin can easily compete with any other WP plugin because there is no other plugin that can do as much as this one.

Why this plugin?

  1. To allow users to enhance the user experience of their WordPress blog page, this plugin provides a plethora of rich business listings, empowering users to create new local business directories
  2. Even with all these rich features, the plugin is extremely simple to use
  3. It comes with a very powerful search feature that allows users to see the most relevant local business listings
  4. There is an in-built context-based ad mechanism, which converts any keyword in a “hot word” and it shows up local ads.


The pricing of this plugin is based on several licenses. It starts with $39 per license for one site and $49 for unlimited licenses.

Web2.0 Directory

Web2.0 Directory | WordPress Directory Plugins | Wpeka

This is another plugin that is made available through the CodeCanyon marketplace. Even though it is a tad expensive in comparison to some other tools, still it is worth for users to spend $34. A key element of Web 2.0 WordPress directory plugin is the availability of Google Maps, which comes with pins to mark the location of businesses in the directory. There are a variety of search options available and people can search on the home page of the directory. Another unique feature, which stands out, is its method of collecting payments. Usually, most plugins either go for a recurring model or a one-time fee model, but with Web 2.0, you get a plethora of options ranging from payments for renewals, upgrades & downgrades and even for listing activations.

Why this plugin?

  • The plugin can be integrated with WooCommerce and for payment set up, you can integrate with PayPal
  • Businesses can sell listing packages and receive payment on any type of activity that is done on the directory
  • For all video buffs, both YouTube and Vimeo videos can be made available on the listing page


This is a paid-only plugin, but with $34 you also get support for six months.

Toolset Directory

Toolset Directory | WordPress Directory Plugins | Wpeka

The main purpose of the Toolset WordPress Directory plugin allows users to build directory websites and that too without any coding in PHP. A plugin is a perfect tool for people who are just starting their career in coding and trying to build a website for the first time. When it comes to integration, this tool easily integrates with some of the leading plugins such as WooCommerce, Elementor, WPML.

Why this plugin?

  • There is enough support available for custom fields and taxonomies
  • Integration with payment gateways
  • An extremely powerful search functionality


This plugin does not come cheap as it is priced at $149 for the first year and subsequent renewals are charged at $111 per year.


Managing a business directory on WordPress can be a tedious affair if you don’t have the right plugin. Any of the above-mentioned lists is a game-changer for your business. Do let us know your experience of using any of these WordPress directory plugins and what makes it perfect for your business.


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