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9 Bad SEO Habits to Leave in 2019 via @mindyweinstein

As we enter a new decade, it’s time to say goodbye to some bad SEO habits. These are SEO tactics that just plain don’t work, or even worse, can get a website penalized. Below is a list of the top nine habits that need to be kicked to the curb. 1. Creating Pages with Similar…
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8 Things You Can Learn from NASCAR’s Content Marketing Strategy via @gregjarboe

You can learn a lot of important lessons about creating a successful content marketing strategy from the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing (NASCAR). Yes, even content marketers in other fields can learn things from NASCAR, the privately-owned company that is best known for stock-car racing. If you’re skeptical, then ask yourself, “What do…
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Recovering from a Google Core Algorithm Update with Lily Ray [PODCAST]

Podcast: Download Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSS For episode 176 of The Search Engine Journal Show, I had the opportunity to interview Lily Ray, the SEO Director of Path Interactive. Ray, a sought-after conference speaker, talks about what to do when you’re looking to recover from a core update or a declining SEO…
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How, Where, & When to Find an App Developer for Your Business

A few years ago, I was on the myVEGAS app playing the slot machines. This is one of my favorite apps because I can play a game for free and redeem rewards like free hotel rooms and free buffets in one of my favorite places — Las Vegas. As I was getting some free spins,…
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Getting started with BigCommerce for WordPress

Being one of the top eCommerce platforms, BigCommerce lets you create an online store quickly and easily. From setting up the store to adding products and generating money through the website, this platform helps you with a myriad of tasks. This review of BigCommerce for WordPress will give you my comprehensive take on the product,…
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How to Create a WordPress Business Directory Website using WP Local Plus

Directory websites are some of the most profitable websites ever. You can create a real estate or a job directory, an event portal, a restaurant finder, a city-specific directory, or a classifieds directory. Airbnb is without a doubt a great example of a successful directory website. They use a great story to build a home…
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15 of the Best Email Newsletter Templates and Resources to Download Right Now

If you had to guess, how many email newsletters do you think you’re subscribed to? Ten? Twenty? Fifty? To be honest, I’ve lost count — and I know I’m not alone. Email marketers have a lot to compete with in their subscribers’ inboxes. That’s why a solid newsletter template is crucial to designing an email…
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Google Says Some Search Console Data For December Might Be Inaccurate via @MattGSouthern

Google quietly announced that a bug was discovered in Search Console which may impact reporting for a period of time in December. Specifically, the bug affects reporting of Google Discover impressions and clicks between December 8 and December 13. As a result, site owners may see a data drop in the Performance report during that…
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The big list of 2019 Google search algorithm updates

Google’s pace of tweaking and updating Search has accelerated dramatically — it made 3,200 changes to Search in 2018 alone, up from about 400 changes back in 2010. Just a sliver of these changes receive public confirmation or even draw substantial attention, but those that do can (sometimes) provide insights into the kinds of content…
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Google Search Console Coverage report improves accuracy on indexed pages

Google posted on Twitter that as of December 15, the Index Coverage report in Google Search Console is more accurate. Specifically, it is more accurate in reporting on indexed pages. Google’s Statement. Google said “From Dec 15, the Index Coverage report can more accurately report on indexed pages. Because of this, some pages that were…
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