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Top 10 Steps to Craft the Perfect Pinterest Strategy

Pinterest is a new and emerging social media platform which is establishing itself as a respectable and intelligent medium for sharing ideas and images that people are zealous about. The concept of Pinterest strategy can be found in the name of the site. Your profile acts like a pinboard, where you can gather, arrange and…
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Social Media: The Driving Force of Local Search

If you own one of the few people in the world who hasn’t heard of social media campaigns or the supreme king of social networking websites known as Facebook, then you probably should crawl back into your Delorian and put on a nice 8-track of falsetto voices. While there are still a few people who…
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The Best Guide to Paid Advertising on Social Media

In the current world, you can find hundreds of businesses that are doing great through the internet. However, you can also find twice as many companies online that are failing and not surviving the online competitions with many have unsuccessfully launched online business ventures. Having successful online businesses is not a random act of nature.…
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Top 10 Analytics to Study on Social Media

Because social media has become such an integral part of the Internet, it’s a smart decision for any business to include social media in their marketing strategy. While it was not long ago when several businesses were still undecided about how effective social media marketing is, it is now possible to utilize social media analytics…
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Best Times to Post on Social Media for 2019

Social media has turned out to be one of the most critical methods people are connecting with others all over the world. We find out that there are millions of individuals joining in this networks thus being able to keep I touch with their friends and families living on the other sides of the globe,…
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When is the Best Time to Tweet?

By John Foley, Jr., Chief Executive/Marketing Officer at Grow Socially Much like any other marketing campaign, Twitter shares one critical ideology—maximum exposure. When you tweet, are as many people seeing it as possible? If we put in the effort to carefully craft influential and noticeable tweets, we certainly would want to make sure they are…
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Blending the Art of Marketing with the Science of Technology

By Jeff Schick, Vice President, Social Software at IBM Investments in IT have long been the domain of the CIO, but all of that is changing as CMOs increasingly impact IT investments in today’s social and digital world. Given the business realignment between marketing and technology, the CMO and CIO can no longer afford to operate…
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8 Mandates for Social Media Marketing Success—#8: Continue Listening

By Eric Fletcher, Chief Marketing Officer at McGlinchey Stafford All listening is not created equal. Consider how a physician uses the stethoscope in order to measure the activity of the human heart, or how a mother calibrates her ear to detect the faintest whimper of a newborn, or how a conductor trains the ear to pinpoint…
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