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Facebook Adds New Holiday Features to Messenger Kids App

Facebook has this week announced a new set of holiday-themed features for its Facebook Kids app, which is aimed at facilitating social sharing among users aged 6 – 12. First off, Facebook is adding some new masks and AR-style overlays for images. As explained by Facebook: “Kids can explore different masks, filters and sticker experiences…
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Eight Year-Old Ryan Kaji Leads YouTube’s Top Earners for 2019

Ready to re-assess your life choices? Forbes has this week published its annual listing of the top earners on YouTube, with eight year-old toy reviewer Ryan Kaji – of the popular channel ‘Ryan’s World‘ – once again topping the list. Yes, Kaji also topped Forbes’ 2018 top YouTube earners list – and while the data Forbes uses to…
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New Report Looks at Which Tools and Creation Apps are Most Popular Among Instagram Influencers

Looking to improve your Instagram efforts in 2020? This new report might come in handy – in order to get a better understanding of the best Instagram creative tools and apps available, the team from HypeAuditor recently surveyed 1, 200 influencers to find out what tools they use to maximize their productivity, and their content…
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Twitter Adds New Preview Cards When Sharing Twitter List URLs

Twitter has added two new features for Twitter Lists as part of its focus on providing more options to improve content discovery, and get users more engaged in relevant, on-platform discussions. First off, Twitter has added a new, list-specific card format when sharing Twitter lists. As you can see here, the new option will add…
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19 eCommerce Website Mistakes to Avoid [Infographic]

When it comes to building an eCommerce website, the scope of essential elements required is quite vast. Unlike regular personal and professional websites, each and every aspect of an eCommerce website needs to be taken into consideration, in order to ensure that it performs and functions well, and maximizes return. From simplifying navigation, to ensuring…
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15 of the Best Email Newsletter Templates and Resources to Download Right Now

If you had to guess, how many email newsletters do you think you’re subscribed to? Ten? Twenty? Fifty? To be honest, I’ve lost count — and I know I’m not alone. Email marketers have a lot to compete with in their subscribers’ inboxes. That’s why a solid newsletter template is crucial to designing an email…
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6 Effective Ways to Use Video in Your Email Marketing

This morning, as usual, I started my day by checking my emails. While this process doesn’t usually excite me and is just my method for waking up, I came across a subject line that made my heart race with excitement: Knowing that I would be starting my day with a new music video from one…
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LinkedIn Adds New Features for Groups to Help Boost Engagement

Could LinkedIn groups make a comeback in 2020? Once a key feature of the app, LinkedIn groups gradually lost user focus as they became increasingly bogged down with random spam and self-promotion, to the point where, for most, they just weren’t usable anymore. But it still seems like a great opportunity for LinkedIn’s professional community.…
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Facebook Adds Additional Fact-Checking Resources via ‘Community Reviewers’

Facebook continues its confusing approach to fact checking with a new program that will see the appointment of a team of ‘community reviewers’, a diverse group of non-Facebook employees who will be called upon to check potentially false reports. As explained by Facebook: “The program will have community reviewers work as researchers to find information…
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LinkedIn Shares 5-Step Checklist for Social Media Marketing Success

Looking to update your social media marketing approach in 2020? This week, LinkedIn has published a simple, five-step checklist for social media marketing success, which is based on insights gleaned from its ‘Live with Marketers‘ podcast series. On ‘Live with Marketers‘, LinkedIn conducts interviews with a range of social media marketing experts, on topics ranging from brand…
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