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How to Redirect WordPress Posts & Pages with 301 redirects

What’s the first thing which comes to your mind after creating a WordPress website? Search engine optimization? As a WordPress site owner, you have probably heard that it would be challenging to create a new site or change the design of an exiting one because of the SEO. Redirects play a vital role when you…
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Weekly WordPress Roundup — 25th October 2019

Welcome to the weekly WordPress roundup. This is your source for this week’s top news and articles. Let’s get started. How Barn2 Media built & scaled the WordPress plugin business It’s inspiring to read about success stories in the WordPress space. Torque mag featured a story about Barn2 Media. From a bootstrapped, husband and wife…
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Creating, Managing & Using WordPress Custom Fields: The Complete Guide

The WordPress post editor makes it easy to add or edit a post. It comes with input fields to add the post title, content, category, tags, etc. But what if you need more? Say, you run a blog reviewing movies. And you want to add a rating to each movie post. How do you do…
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Weekly WordPress News Roundup – 18th October 2019

Hello, and welcome to WPeka weekly WordPress news roundup. Every week we feature news, events and new releases in the WordPress world. Just in case you missed any, here’s a roundup from the past week. WordPress 5.2.4 security release WordPress 5.2.4 was released on October 14, 2019. According to the official release post, this release…
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WordPress Live Chat Plugins: Benefits, Best Practices & Top Plugins

Customer support can be painful. Customers will reach you whatever way they can. They’ll find a way that they hope will get them the fastest response, such as: sending an email calling your contact center or worse complaining on Facebook, Twitter, etc? But what if you could: ease your email inbox crowding prevent strain on…
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Review: Suspsystic WordPress Data Table plugin

Tables and chart improve the readability of your content. However, tables have always been a difficult part of website design. Looking for WordPress data table plugin, we found Supsystic Data Table Generator plugin. This plugin will help you build a responsive table design. Here is our take Check the features discussed below to have an…
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GDPR Privacy Policy and Cookie Consent WordPress Plugins: Best 10 plugins that’ll help you comply (2019)

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into force in May 2018. Website owners have been trying to comply with it since then. Recently, the regulatory body has started levying heavy fines for non-compliant websites. That has caused the website owners to become serious about it. A few weeks ago, PwC (PriceWaterhouseCoopers) was fined for…
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5 WordPress Customer Engagement Tools to Help You Improve Customer Journey

Customer engagement tools play an important role in understanding the customer journey for WordPress business websites. With the rapid growth of modern technology, the definition of marketing and business has gone through the process of molting. It has got a new shell in today’s what we call “digital” form. We have stepped into an era…
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Review: New feedback tool for WordPress plugin developers

A few days ago, the guys from (a place where developers can buy and sell codes) told us about their free tool for WordPress plugin creators which they recently released. We rolled up our sleeves, warmed up our chairs, and reviewed it ourselves. Here’s our take on it. What is it? For plugin creators,…
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JavaPipe WordPress Hosting Review

There’s no shaking the fact that internet has penetrated humans’ lives like no other phenomenon. In case you’ve been trying to figure out the exact number of websites existing out there, it’s close to 1.5 billion. And, all of them necessitate a substantial WordPress hosting plan. Keeping the statistical amusement alive, the global industry of…
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