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Growing Importance of WordPress Survey Plugins!

The traditional understanding of consumer behavior has been failing miserably. The reason is the dynamic trends that influence the choice of customers and hence their buying behavior. Customer surveys have so far been the most tool to gauge customer preferences. So, you got the answer to read the mind of your consumer survey forms! But…
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Site Search 360 Review: An Excellent Alternative to WordPress Search

Displaying an accessible search box on the website enables visitors to find what they want with ease. However, that’s not only what this box is restricted to do. If you’re using an adequate WordPress search plugin, you’d be able to know what exactly your visitors are looking for. This is a review of an alternative…
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How to Embed Video In WordPress

Having video content on your blog post is a great way to increase user engagement on your website. Videos are also very effective in promoting your products or content on the internet as most people would prefer watching a video to reading a 2000 word article on the same topic. It can be difficult to…
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All About WordPress GDPR Cookie Consent

On 25 May 2018, the Europian Union (EU) put a new privacy regulation into action that affects websites around the globe. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is more than 250 pages long and can get even American-based website owners into deep trouble if you don’t comply with this regulation. The GDPR is an invisible…
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10 Maintenance Tasks That You Should Perform Regularly On WordPress Site

Most people know that they should probably be doing something to maintain their WordPress site. But, most users are not quite sure what these steps should be. Unlike a car, a WordPress site doesn’t necessarily come with a maintenance manual – so we are often left to figure this out for ourselves when we delve…
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Why you should care about online privacy

Online privacy is often necessary for various reasons. Some people also deal with the consequences of failing to have online privacy protection. Thus, some individuals can always be debilitated if there are no restrictions on the public access to as well as the use of personal information.   Other reasons are usually more fundamental, touching…
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Responsive II – Free WordPress Theme Review

These days, mobile-compatible websites are second nature for any business. Given that virtually the entire world is living their lives online, and the desktop has inadvertently been relegated to a secondary position, it comes as no shocker that businesses must have websites that work across all screen sizes and devices. This characteristic of websites is…
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5 Reasons To Use WordPress In Your Website Design

From being a non-tech blogger’s savior a decade and a half ago to becoming the most popular Content Management System, WordPress has undoubtedly come a long way. Today, it is the most powerful Content Management System with a share of 59.4% in the global CMS market. It is empowering 28.5% of the entire web and…
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Why You Need To Invest In an SSL Certificate for Your WordPress Website

If you have a WordPress site, chances are, you might have heard about the Google SSL certificate by now. There is also a higher chance that you have come across alert messages on your site, indicating that the page is not secure. Better yet, it may have been one of your users who reached out…
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One Page WordPress Theme – Free Download Now

One Page WordPress Themes are becoming increasingly popular these days – if you look at recent themes that are released on the WordPress directory or on popular WordPress Theme Marketplaces too, you will notice that most of them are one page WP themes.Compact One is one such single page theme by CyberChimps that crossed 400…
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