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Growing Importance of WordPress Survey Plugins!

The traditional understanding of consumer behavior has been failing miserably. The reason is the dynamic trends that influence the choice of customers and hence their buying behavior. Customer surveys have so far been the most tool to gauge customer preferences. So, you got the answer to read the mind of your consumer survey forms! But…
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Review: Suspsystic WordPress Data Table plugin

Tables and chart improve the readability of your content. However, tables have always been a difficult part of website design. Looking for WordPress data table plugin, we found Supsystic Data Table Generator plugin. This plugin will help you build a responsive table design. Here is our take Check the features discussed below to have an…
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Web design office in Talgarth

Web design in Mid Wales – a new challenge

When our Mid Wales team faces a new challenge we usually have to apply a mixture of skills . Skills developed elsewhere and the coordinate the project. Our latest completed project however was a little more complex. We have built several projects where a membership portal is needed. The difference has been that we have…
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10 Winning Ways to Improve Website Traffic

There’s no denying it. There is too much content on the World Wide Web nowadays. According to the Internet Live Stats, we have well over 1 billion websites. With that much competition, how will you make your website stand out? How can you make it successful? What can you post to get noticed? You need…
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How to Design a Bad Logo

Looking for a great way to waste your company’s time and money? A really fast way to blow a lot of cash and human capital is to ignore best practices and learn how to design a bad logo. No seriously, you can blow through tons of cash, consume many hundreds of man hours and come…
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The Best Free Fonts That You Don’t Want to Miss

Creating content in different fonts is a lot of fun; we’ve all written a piece of text on a document, slide, or image and then used various fonts on it to see how they look. Fonts give an instant appeal to any text, making it more eye-catching and aesthetically pleasing. The best part is that…
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How Joule Rapidly Scales Workflow for Rokk3r Labs and Its Portfolio Companies

Joule is a simple and easy way to get website and tech tasks done quickly. There is a serious problem that is prevalent amongst existing freelance marketplaces. It takes way too much time to get someone who’s hopefully an expert to address your WordPress problems, adjustments, and tasks. Our answer? Meet Joule – we like…
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Instagram Success is the Boon to Millions of Brands

Marketing, Opinions, Web Design April 30, 2018 11 min read The social media has become a great platform for many people to promote their works and businesses quickly by putting few efforts. People are using digital symbols like the hashtags in the comment section to directly link the relevant pictures to the brand to help in promoting…
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20+ Must-Have Online Business Tools for Your Business To Grow

If you own a website or any kind of online business, you have landed a correct page. It can sound extremely daunting to identify online business strategies and implementing them without having to spend a lot of resources. But leveraging various online business tools for your business management can lead to a lot of profit…
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