Different Ways to build Domain authority with SEO content

Different Ways to build Domain authority with SEO content

domain authority

What is domain authority

Domain authority is a search engine ranking signal. It is usually measured on popularity,size and age. The higher your site’s domain authority, the more likely it is for it to rank in Search Engine results. For those who are new to the world of Content and SEO, building Domain authority can be a daunting task. For a domain to be recognised as one with authority a few things have to present first.

The domain must have credible content.

Anyone can build a website. Even a good one. But to have authority means that the site has content that is meaningful and authoritative. When your content provides credibility then the domain authority grows. Content gains weight when traffic engages with the content and then builds natural links back to the site. SEO and Domain Authority are closely related.

The domain must be maintained.

People will pay more to stay in a 5 star hotel, with manicured gardens, air conditioning and room service. This is because the hotel is looked after. The guests can rely on a good stay. When a domain is regularly updated, adds fresh content and the technical SEO is carefully well kept, the search engines will place greater value on it. A good webmaster makes sure that both the seen and the unseen is carefully monitored.

Content must be different.

Google the topic of your choice and next to it place the word blog. You will find plenty of blogs, covering the same issues and the same solutions. Written content is very important. Integrating it with other content however will set it aside. Creating video content, Podcasts and interactive content such as quizzes will provide a greater variety of content that is more engaging. It is also likely to enjoy more share on Social media.

Content must be consistent.

Its great to have a podcast or a video in your content assets. You will however gain higher authority and do so quicker by consistently producing podcasts and video content regularly. Don’t however neglect your written content either. It works well to produce content and publish it at similar intervals, e.g. weekly or fortnightly. If you have several forms of content you can then produce it alternately.

Share your content

Distribute your content across Social Media. Share links in comments on relevant blogs. Promote links in signatures on forums and in emails. Build your networks with others in your industry. They may want to republish on their blogs. You can even use some of the content to create guest posts and link back to your own site.

You can find out what your domain authority score is by going to Small SEO Tools and inserting your URL in the form. Check back on this every week or two as you add your content, to see how your site is advancing.

If your site is new and you need to increase your domain authority talk to our content development team based in Wales.


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