Cardiff Web development team- four questions to ask

Cardiff Web development team- four questions to ask

Cardiff Web Development

Our Cardiff web development team and strategists continue to be surprised by how many clients simply nod their heads and agree when we make suggestions. Whether you are looking for a good development team in cardiff or elsewhere in the UK, there are some questions you should always ask. Business owners may sometimes feel a little out of their depth when looking for a good developer, so here are a few questions to ask before proceeding.

Fit for purpose

Is the design fit for purpose? The type of site that is built for a local Turkish barber will be completely different to one built for a medium size manufacturer or an online retailer. Every client has different needs, so when looking at the portfolio of your designer, ask how they have met the needs of different clients in terms of their business size, the industry they’re in and their overall budget.


Some businesses grow faster than others. Ask what kind of strategy has the designer put in place if the Turkish barber decides to open another branch or sell products online. In some cases a client may want to open an online shop or build multiple micro sites in the future. It’s a lot more cost effective to be able to develop an existing site than to redevelop from scratch when a business grows. Always remember to ask how yor Website will be affected by change. This includes change from within as your business grows. It also means change in technology and trends and how quickly they may make your digital presence obsolete.

Web development extras

It is so easy to get caught up in all the jargon. Don’t lose sight of what is included in the quotation being offered. Your developer may say that the website will be search engine optimised, but that can be a vague suggestion.  Ask about keyword, research and how the developer will optimise the site. Also ask what the extras are to optimise the site even further. Enquire about training and guidance and whether there is after sales support. Rememebr to ask questions about competition analysis, different types of server and SSL certificates.

What Our Cardiff web development team offers

Our team in Cardiff will work according to your budget. Your budget may appear. to be peppercorn. However, we always structure the development so that it can be built upon as your business grows.  Once you have more money to budget on growing digitally, you wont need to start from scratch.


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