Google Search Console Reports Updated With Fresher Data via @MattGSouthern

Google Search Console Reports Updated With Fresher Data via @MattGSouthern


Google continues to update reports in Search Console with fresher data. First it was Search data, now Google is giving the same treatment to Discover data.

In Google’s brief announcement it points to a post published back in September which detailed the fresher data update for the Search Performance report.

👋 One last Google Search Console announcement this year! 🎉 Your Discover data on the Performance reports is now *fresher* – similar to what we announced in September for your Search data. Read more at

— Google Webmasters (@googlewmc) December 17, 2019

Google says today’s update is “similar to” the update rolled out in September, so let’s revisit what changed back then.

Data in Less Than 24 Hours

Going forward, site owners can expect to see Discover data as recent as less than a day old. Previously, it took a few days to get the latest data.

This allows site owners to do things such as check their weekend data on a Monday, check a previous day’s stats first thing in the morning, and keep a closer eye on traffic recoveries after fixing important issues.

Google noted that fresh data might change before being finalized, in which case each fresh data point will be replaced with a final data point after a few days.

This is said to be the last announcement regarding Search Console for 2019, so don’t expect any major updates until at least 2020.

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