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How to Create a Photo Contest in WordPress (Step by Step)

Do you want to run a photo contest in WordPress? Photo contests are a great way to build user engagement and quickly get lots of new visitors to your website. Photo contests require users to submit a photo to join the contest or giveaway. Active user participation makes them highly engaging and quite fun. You…
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How to Detect AdBlock Users in WordPress

Do you want to detect AdBlock users in WordPress and show them targeted messages? Adblock Plus is a popular software which blocks advertisements on the internet. It is available as an add-on for all top browsers, mobile apps, and even as a dedicated browser. Now the problem is that most bloggers rely on the ad…
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What’s New in WordPress 5.3 (Features and Screenshots)

WordPress 5.3 was released just a few hours ago. It will be the last major WordPress release of 2019. This release is packed with some new features and lots of improvements including a brand new default theme. In this article, we will show you what’s new in WordPress 5.3 and which features you should try…
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7 Ways to Get a 800 Toll-Free Number for Your Business in 2019

Do you want to get a 800 toll-free number for your business? Toll-free numbers help new and existing customers reach out to your business directly. Many customers also prefer to call a business phone number instead of writing an email. A toll-free number encourages them to do so because they’re free for the caller. It…
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WordPress 5.3 “Kirk”

Introducing our most refined user experience with the improved block editor in WordPress 5.3! Named “Kirk” in honour of jazz multi-instrumentalist Rahsaan Roland Kirk, the latest and greatest version of WordPress is available for download or update in your dashboard. 5.3 expands and refines the block editor with more intuitive interactions and improved accessibility. New…
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How to Create a Dropdown Menu in WordPress (Beginners Guide)

Do you want to make a dropdown menu and add it to your WordPress website? A dropdown menu shows a list of links as you take your mouse over an item on the menu. We use a dropdown menu on WPBeginner, go ahead and take your mouse over the navigation menu on top. In this…
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How to Add a Facebook Giveaway in WordPress to Boost Engagement

Do you want to boost engagement on your website while increasing your Facebook followers? If your answer is yes, then you need to run a Facebook contest. A giveaway can help direct users’ attention to your Facebook page and help you get more likes / followers on Facebook. In this guide, we’ll show you how…
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People of WordPress: Kim Parsell

You’ve probably heard that WordPress is open-source software, and may know that it’s created and run by volunteers. WordPress enthusiasts share many examples of how WordPress changed people’s lives for the better. This monthly series shares some of those lesser-known, amazing stories. Meet Kim Parsell We’d like to introduce you to Kim Parsell. Kim was…
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9 Best WordPress Migration Plugins (Compared)

Are you looking for the best WordPress migration plugin to move your website? While it is super-easy to start a new WordPress site, moving an existing website to a new hosting company is not as simple. You need to move the database, files, plugins, and theme. At the same, you also want to reduce downtime,…
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How to Setup WordPress Email Logs (and WooCommerce Email Logs)

Do you want to set up email logs on your WordPress or WooCommerce website? Email logs allow you to monitor the emails sent by your WordPress site to the users. This helps you troubleshoot issues and check the status of email notifications sent by your WordPress website. In this article, we will show you how…
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