Using A WordPress Poll Plugin: How To Get Feedback From Your Site Visitors

Using A WordPress Poll Plugin: How To Get Feedback From Your Site Visitors


Do you want to collect feedback using on-site WordPress polls or run different surveys? We did a good read in this area to save you some time on research and compared the setup process of some top-used WordPress poll plugins. So we’re ready to share the results with you.

Trusted WordPress Themes & Plugins To Support Your Customersyop poll wp plugin wordpress poll pluginGDPR compliance checkbox.

Adding a poll with this plugin will take a few minutes:

  1. Just create a new poll and pick a design template (there are a few with different color schemes).

templates yop pollyop poll templateyop poll questions answersedit permissionresults wp poll wordpress poll pluginyop poll shortcodelive poll wordpressGet YOP Poll


wp-pollswp-poll create feedback formwp-poll optionswp-poll examplewp-poll tempplatesGet WP-Polls

Democracy Poll

democracy poll frontend wordpress poll pluginlist of democracy pollsdemocracy poll settingsdemocracy poll customozationupdate plugin texts democracy poll wordperssGet Democracy Poll

Modal Survey

modal survey wordpress poll pluginGet Modal Survey

TotalPoll Pro

totalpoll pro wordpress poll pluginGet TotalPoll Pro

Responsive Poll

Responsive Poll wordpress poll pluginsettings responsive pollGet Responsive Poll

Extra/Alternative ways to collect feedback

If you want to achieve better feedback outcome or just looking for something simple, the following plugins might be of good help as well. Let’s just briefly list their names and key functionalities:


Reactions plugin for wordpress wordpress poll pluginengaging your content is for your audience with quite descriptive emotional feedback.

Get Reactions

WP ULike

WP ULike wordpress poll pluginGet WP ULike


WP-PostRatingsGet WP-PostRatings

CBX Feedback Button

CBX Feedback Button wordpress poll pluginGet CBX Feedback Button

Collect feedback with any WordPress form builder plugin

Sometimes you don’t need to go to great lengths to implement the feedback functionality into your WordPress website. Your contact form/form builder plugin might already have it built in or offered as an extra add-on. So just make sure to check this out. Here are just a few top-notch WordPress contact form plugins that support feedback, quiz and poll functionality:


Contact Form by WPForms Drag Drop Form Builder for WordPress wordpress poll pluginGet WPForms Survey and Poll plugin

Gravity Forms

gravity forms wordpress poll pluginGet Gravity Forms Poll


eform wp form plugin wordpress poll pluginGet eForm

Final thoughts: how to get feedback with the WordPress poll plugins

Getting feedback on your WordPress website is easy with a poll plugin, but choosing the right product among a sea of options is quite daunting. You can opt for a dedicated plugin – just choose one that supports the needed functionality and design from our list. Going with the poll add-on offered with your contact form plugin, however, you don’t need to connect another dependency to your WordPress website, plus it’s easy to leverage the power of the default contact form settings. So which way do you think is the most effective?

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