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Less is (Almost) Definitely More: An Introduction to Hick’s Law for Web Designers

Hick’s Law describes how the number of choices you present to people affects the time it takes them to respond. This has important implications for UX and UI design, driving important metrics like bounce, engagement and average time on page. Imagine the public excitement when, in 1951, William Edmund Hick (“Hickey” to his friends?!) and…
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LinkedIn Adds New Features for Groups to Help Boost Engagement

Could LinkedIn groups make a comeback in 2020? Once a key feature of the app, LinkedIn groups gradually lost user focus as they became increasingly bogged down with random spam and self-promotion, to the point where, for most, they just weren’t usable anymore. But it still seems like a great opportunity for LinkedIn’s professional community.…
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Facebook Adds Additional Fact-Checking Resources via ‘Community Reviewers’

Facebook continues its confusing approach to fact checking with a new program that will see the appointment of a team of ‘community reviewers’, a diverse group of non-Facebook employees who will be called upon to check potentially false reports. As explained by Facebook: “The program will have community reviewers work as researchers to find information…
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WordProof Review: Timestamp Your WordPress Content in the Blockchain

Blockchain, blockchain, blockchain… If you’ve ever talked to that Bitcoin dude at a party, you know that blockchain is going to change the world…mannn. Jokes aside, there is something to that – blockchain has a ton of powerful uses beyond cryptocurrency. And in this WordProof review, we’re going to look at a plugin that brings…
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LinkedIn Shares 5-Step Checklist for Social Media Marketing Success

Looking to update your social media marketing approach in 2020? This week, LinkedIn has published a simple, five-step checklist for social media marketing success, which is based on insights gleaned from its ‘Live with Marketers‘ podcast series. On ‘Live with Marketers‘, LinkedIn conducts interviews with a range of social media marketing experts, on topics ranging from brand…
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Facebook Owns the Four Most Downloaded Apps of the Decade

In case there was any question of Facebook’s dominance, a new report from app analytics firm App Annie has shown that The Social Network owns the top four most downloaded mobile apps over the last decade. As you can see, Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram lead the way in total downloads for the period. Which…
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Facebook Launches New Course to Teach Journalists How to Spot Manipulated Media

With misinformation causing significant division and disagreement online, and leading to widespread confusion around major issues, Facebook has launched a new education course, in partnership with Reuters, which aims to teach journalists what to look for in the use of manipulated media. As reported by Axios: “Facebook is spending six figures to fund a course…
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Snapchat Launches New, Interactive Ad Format, New Competitive Game Features

Snapchat has this week launched a new movie preview ad format called a “trailer reaction lens” as part of a campaign for the upcoming Paramount Pictures film “Top Gun: Maverick”. As you can see here, the new Lens switches your view to split screen, with the trailer on top, and the front-facing camera on the bottom.…
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Instagram Officially Launches New Layout Mode for Stories

After first being spotted in testing back in August, Instagram has this week officially launched its new Layout mode for Stories, which provides a range of grid display styles for still images within a single frame. Strike a pose. And another pose. And then another. ???? With Layout, you can now capture and share multiple…
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New Report Looks at the Growth of Influencer Marketing on Instagram

Data analytics company Klear has conducted a new report on the state of influencer marketing on Instagram, analyzing over three million sponsored posts in order to identify key trends and shifts of note. And the data shows that influencer marketing is, indeed, on the rise. According to Klear’s analysis, the number of Instagram posts using…
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