New Report Looks at Which Tools and Creation Apps are Most Popular Among Instagram Influencers

New Report Looks at Which Tools and Creation Apps are Most Popular Among Instagram Influencers


Looking to improve your Instagram efforts in 2020?

This new report might come in handy – in order to get a better understanding of the best Instagram creative tools and apps available, the team from HypeAuditor recently surveyed 1, 200 influencers to find out what tools they use to maximize their productivity, and their content output.

Their findings showcase a range of great complimentary tools – first off, HypeAuditor looked at which photo editing tools influencers are using:

HypeAuditor Influencer tools report

Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop Express came out on top, underlining Abode’s leadership in the market. Canva, VSCO and Snapseed are also popular options, while FaceTune – which, as per a recent New York Times article, is used by the majority of platform influencers, and has played a part in the rise of the ‘Instagram Face‘ look, is also high on the list.

In terms of scheduling Instagram posts, HypeAuditor found that Later is the most popular option.

HypeAuditor Instagram tools survey

Preview and Planoly are also popular scheduling options, with more common social media posting tools like Buffer and Hootsuite coming lower down the list.

For video editing, Instagram influencers prefer InShot and iMovie.

Instagram tools survey

HypeAuditor also asked about ‘other’, non-descript tools, outside of these main categories, and found that other social platforms like Twitter and Pinterest remain key compliments for Instagram influencers in building their profiles and followings.

Instagram tools survey

There are some interesting notes here, and some helpful pointers towards key apps that could help improve your Instagram content approach. Not all of these will be relevant to you personally, nor will they suit all needs, but if you’re looking for ways to improve your Instagram performance, these apps may be worth a look.

You can read HypeAuditor’s full survey results here




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