Pinterest Influencers Might Change the Social Media Game for Brands [Infographic]

Pinterest Influencers Might Change the Social Media Game for Brands [Infographic]


While it may not be a big factor in your social media planning, Pinterest is definitely on the rise.

The platform now has 291 million monthly active users – for comparison, Twitter has 330 million MAU. That’s still quite a few million away, obviously, but it’s likely not as far as most would expect. Indeed, Pinterest has become an essential utility for much of its audience, providing an ever-evolving overview of a range of product and service options, which the platform is looking to capitalize on in order to further boost its business standing. 

And if you’re looking to tap into the rising world of Pins, this infographic might help spark some ideas.

The team from SEMRush recently analyzed the 500 most followed profiles on Pinterest in order to get an idea of what Pinterest influencers are doing, and how they’re succeeding on the platform. The SEMRush team looked at the key topics and subtopics of interest, the number of followers and Pins of the top accounts, and their posting frequencies.

There are some interesting stats to consider – you can read SEMRush’s full report here, or check out the infographic overview below.

Infographic looks at the activity levels of Pinterest influencers

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