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How to Combat Negative Customer Feedback Online

Whether you own and operate a brochure site, an eCommerce store or a SaaS platform, either indirectly or directly you’re going to be receiving customer feedback on a daily basis. It’s whether you choose to ignore it that will set you apart from the crowd. Some of the feedback you receive will be online, others…
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What Are Website Backups and Why Are They Important ?

Backup seems to be a buzzword. We keep hearing it everywhere, especially on tech blogs and WordPress forums, but only a few actually know what it means. Moreover, those who know what backups are, don’t really take it seriously or don’t even bother doing backups. If you’re new to WordPress, or simply want to learn…
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Instagram Success is the Boon to Millions of Brands

Marketing, Opinions, Web Design April 30, 2018 11 min read The social media has become a great platform for many people to promote their works and businesses quickly by putting few efforts. People are using digital symbols like the hashtags in the comment section to directly link the relevant pictures to the brand to help in promoting…
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Atlantic.Net – A Reliable Web Hosting Provider For All Businesses Needs

Owning an online business calls for a myriad of responsibilities. Right from managing the website adequately for higher conversion rate, to locate such a company that would provide customized hosting solutions, everything comes with its own set of errands. Although there are innumerable companies out there, boasting about their extremely superior services and reliable experience.…
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SERPSTAT – Complete SEO Solution for Small to Large Businesses Website

With more and more businesses taking their brands online, Search Engine Optimization has become way more important than ever before and so SEO solution. These sets of rules that website owners are bound to follow, so as to optimize their websites, have been helping them to rank higher. Be it getting more clicks by positioning…
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Do You Really Want Virtual Private Server ( VPS )?

Hosting, Opinions, Tools September 20, 2018 12 min read Read about the most recent VPS (Virtual Private Server) domains available on the internet that you can get with little funds. Also, discover whether your business type allows you to use a VPS or other alternatives to boost your working space here. Do You Really Want VPS?…
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Uncovered Bug Leaves WordPress Users Vulnerable to Hacker Attacks

A vast number of websites out there are built using WordPress – and the service prides itself in offering not only convenience and a variety of tools to play around with, but also increased security and protection through its templates. But a security flaw that was uncovered last year and is still being left unsolved…
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HumCommerce – A must have CRO tool for your WooCommerce website

HumCommerce is a conversion rate optimization tool designed specifically for E-commerce websites. With HumCommerce, you can see how your visitors navigate through the website and find ways to optimize the conversion rate. HumCommerce lends itself perfectly to the typical small and medium scale E-commerce companies that are in either growth stage or have established themselves.…
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How to master the interactive blog post format

Interactive content is a new king of Digital Marketing! Interactive blog post format is not just a trend, it is a great way to become closer to your readers and turn them into clients.  The team of AtomPark Software is good not only in developing professional software for email and SMS marketing but also in…
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