Weekly WordPress Roundup — 25th October 2019

Weekly WordPress Roundup — 25th October 2019


Welcome to the weekly WordPress roundup. This is your source for this week’s top news and articles.

Let’s get started.

How Barn2 Media built & scaled the WordPress plugin business

barn2It’s inspiring to read about success stories in the WordPress space.

Torque mag featured a story about Barn2 Media. From a bootstrapped, husband and wife team to a distributed company with $300,000 in annual revenue, their story is fascinating.

They started selling web design services. Tried a lot of ongoing services. Wet their hands in WordPress theme business. Finally found success with WordPress plugins.

Three key takeaways:

  • Products over services: That’s how you can scale your WordPress business.
  • Build a distributed team: If you have the processes in place, where your team works from doesn’t matter.
  • Don’t reinvent the wheel: WordPress has a solution for almost everything. Reuse.

Coming soon: Curated featured themes in the WordPress directory

featured-themesUsers can browse the WordPress themes directory in three ways – the featured themes, popular themes, or the latest themes.

A random algorithm decides which themes get featured. This levels the playing field for every theme author. But fails to showcase the best that WordPress has to offer.

That’s why the Theme Review Team has decided to relook at what themes show up in the featured themes section. The team would try a curated list for a few months to see how the WordPress community responds. Every 2-3 weeks, team members will review and update this list.

It’s hard to say how this will work out and still give equal opportunities to all theme authors.

GoDaddy launches ecommerce hosting plans with WooCommerce

godaddy-woocommerceGoDaddy has been pushing hard in the WordPress space.

They recently launched a new on-boarding process for WordPress customers. This week they’ve launched an ecommerce tier in their managed WordPress hosting plans.

This new tier offers 1500 premium plugins in partnership with WooCommerce.

GoDaddy also provides and maintains a free SSL certificate. An absolute necessity for secure ecommerce transactions.

GoDaddy and Automattic have not released any details about the partnership.

Bonus: Don’t miss out on these Halloween deals

halloween-offersThe holiday season is here. And, we have some exciting deals for you.

30% off on WPeka premium WordPress plugins

The WPeka club offers 20 premium WordPress plugins. Grab a plugin now at 30% off.

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30% off on the CyberChimps Responsive theme

The Responsive theme is a customizable, mobile-friendly and fast WordPress theme. It also comes with 30 ready-to-use websites that you only need to import, edit, and launch.

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