Review: Suspsystic WordPress Data Table plugin

Review: Suspsystic WordPress Data Table plugin


Tables and chart improve the readability of your content. However, tables have always been a difficult part of website design. Looking for WordPress data table plugin, we found Supsystic Data Table Generator plugin. This plugin will help you build a responsive table design.

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Rating for Supsystic

Check the features discussed below to have an overview of this plugin. This WordPress data table plugin provides you with a basic as well as a pro version. There are three plans for pricing while selecting the pro version. You can pick a desirable plan based on the number of websites.

Installing this data table maker

Getting this plugin is as simple as downloading the zip file available on the official site. Once downloaded, look for the “add new plugin” option on your WordPress website. Now, upload this plugin and set it up the way you want to display your data.

The best part is that you also get a detailed tutorial so that you can easily start designing your tables. If you’ve never used such a plugin before, this tutorial will show the process of creating new data tables.

Data Tables Generator WordPress Plugin by Supsystic


When you want to view your table, the way it will display on the device, you can use responsiveness modes. This way, you can make the anticipated changes so that the design becomes exactly how you want it to be.


The standard mode allows you to view the entire table with a basic responsive layout. There is an automatic column hiding mode, which hides the columns according to the width. Also, the horizontal scroll ads scroll option. It makes it difficult to read on smaller devices. You can display the complete table with disable responsivity mode option. The responsive designs need more improvements in responsive design.

Ease of use

You first need to determine the exact number of rows and columns required in the table. Then, go ahead and select the “Add new table” option. This will allow you to create a simple table without having to waste a lot of time.

Ease of use

You will also find a starter guide that will assist you in getting started. This way, you can easily understand instant table creation within a minute. You get WYSIWYG editor with this plugin. This means you can see the changes right away. All in all, you have an easy way to create tables and edit them on the go.

Free Features of this data table maker

Inserting media in a table:

When it comes to including media to your table, you can use a regular file uploader. With this, you can create attractive tables with images and graphics, videos, and links. The pictures get fitted to the field size available in your table.

Insert Media in Table

Styling for the table:

You can easily change the font color using the configuration of the data table maker. There’s also an option to change the background color. Also, you can find here different borders style, row striping, highlighting, alignment settings. Adding custom CSS is also handy with this plugin using the CSS tab. However, there aren’t any styling options present for altering the width, height, or field of a table.

Styling the Table

Sorting options:

This plugin comes with all the necessary sorting methods. You can rearrange the content with a single click. The field sorting option provides the reader with a simple way to sort column data.


While the pagination styling choices are quite limited with this data table maker, you can determine the number of rows to be listed on a page. The pagination functionality needs improvement, as some of the changes were not reflected.

Enable Search:

There’ a search option available with this plugin that allows the user to look for a particular value in the table. These search values are listed without reloading the webpage.

Enable Search

Front-end Editing:

This option allows you to create a table which can have cells edited. Front-end editing is designed to allow the editing of individual fields for users in a table. The most common use case is to simply click on the cell you want to edit, fill the data, and complete. This will save the data, and the row will be immediately updated.

Front-end Editing

Table History:

A very useful option that allows you to create editable tables for your logged-in users and easily see the changes. Users will be able to edit your table. Information about table changes is visible in the History tab. You can select a user role from the available list to see the table.


You get support for several languages with this plugin. Thus, your content can have versatility. Yet, the language for the table data is not updated.

Pro features:

Graphical representation:

This plugin can show your tabular data in a better format using many graphical options. You get various options for designing your content while putting on the table. This allows a decent representation that helps in understanding the content better. Signing up for the pro version also means that you can improve the way your data is shown in any given table.

Graphical Representation

Source for table:

Using table makers becomes even more feasible when you have an option to import data. If you already have a database of the required data, you can import all the values with the help of queries. Thus, you can prevent the hassle of having to type everything. This tool allows creating a table instantly when you have all the data present in a database. Moreover, you can list your WooCommerce products’ data in tables using this plugin. This way, you wouldn’t have to waste time in order to feed the WooCommerce data on your own. Tables get generated with the blink of an eye as per the content present in the database you already have.

Import and Export:

With the pro version, you get a very useful and time-saving option to import your files in various formats. XLS, CSV, and even Google spreadsheet formats are supported for importing purposes. Coming to the exporting part, you can decide among PDF, XLSX, CSV, and XLS format. This plugin lets you change the orientation and size of a page in the PDF format by referring to the settings menu.

Import & Export Table


Many pricing options are available, depending on the number of WordPress websites. While the free version will provide you with all the basic features, you can also pick pro versions. These advanced versions tend to improve functionality. If you only have one site, spending $39 will unlock all the premium features.

Additionally, you need to pay $69 if you want to use this plugin for up to 5 websites. You can add as many WordPress sites as you want by investing $149 as this version supports unlimited websites. You can find the pricing model on the official site of Supsytic and select the one that fits your needs the best.


All in all, this WordPress data table plugin is a useful tool for those who want to design tables in a WordPress site. Using this, you can fetch data along with designing every element of your table. You don’t even have to feed the content on your own as you can automate the data entry process.

Inserting queries will reduce the effort of manual data input. This way, the entire editing will work out automatically. Even when WordPress doesn’t feature a data creation tool by default, you can try this plugin. This tool will prevent you from going for heavy coding.


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