JavaPipe WordPress Hosting Review

JavaPipe WordPress Hosting Review


There’s no shaking the fact that internet has penetrated humans’ lives like no other phenomenon. In case you’ve been trying to figure out the exact number of websites existing out there, it’s close to 1.5 billion. And, all of them necessitate a substantial WordPress hosting plan.

Keeping the statistical amusement alive, the global industry of web hosting is expected to reach a valuation of 76.2 billion by 2023. Often overlooked, a web hosting plan is one of the primary components, helping your website develop successfully.

Hence, there are plenty of reasons why you should be cautious enough while choosing a WordPress hosting plan. Not just it assists in enhancing the overall SEO of your site but can also increase the sales revenue tremendously.

And, when it comes to choosing a plan, confusions ought to happen. Since shared hosting always comprises high vulnerability, it’s better if avoided. So, apart from the performance, reviews, and price, you can even factor in your unique requirements, like:

Support from the company

  • Type of plan
  • Response time
  • Installation process
  • Migration method
  • Security measures
  • Sustainability for growth

And, more.

Having said that, let’s dive in and know about this considerable hosting plan – JavaPipe WordPress hosting.

Features of JavaPipe WordPress Hosting:

To assess the capabilities of this hosting provider profoundly, let’s know about what it has to offer. Here’s a list of extensive features that you may find helpful while deciding upon whether to choose this one.

User-Friendly Dashboard:

Once you’re done deploying this hosting on your server, you’ll get access to the dashboard, which is way different than a normalized cPanel. JavaPipe provides you a CyberPanel, integrated with a vast number of features.

This user-friendly control panel is divided into two major areas – Main and Server. While the Main area comprises primary tools; the Server area offers a more advanced list of options.

WordPress Installation:

Installation could be a serious issue, especially for those who’re new to this domain. Therefore, it’s imperative for you to find such a hosting that doesn’t consume a lot of time and efforts.

When it comes to installing JavaPipe on WordPress, this provider surely offers a breezing method to do so. Just with 1-click, you can install the latest WordPress plugin, and the remaining procedure would be easier.

Dedicated Virtual Servers:

While selecting a hosting plan, servers surely demand your undivided attention. Along with cloud server architecture, the company also provides dedicated virtual servers, adaptive enough to adhere to the latest security depths.

Moreover, in terms of reliability, the servers are quite advantageous as you may experience little or no downtime even during the test server whatsoever.


JavaPipe promises an exceptionally well uptime along with the fastest performance for your WordPress website. With an average of 240ms, the response time of this hosting company can surpass any industry average.

The speed of their servers is powered by native caching and latest PHP 7.2 support.

LiteSpeed Cache Plugin:

Their in-built caching comes in the form of a plugin, which is LiteSpeed Cache. This plugin can also help in optimizing the site to enhance the overall performance.

Additionally, here’s a quick comparison of LiteSpeed with major other plugins to comprehend what exactly you can expect:

Features LiteSpeed Cache WP Super Cache W3 Total Cache WP Rocket WP Fastest Cache
Private Cache
Multi-site Support
Database Optimization
CSS Minify
JavaScript Minify

As far as optimization is concerned, this plugin allows a variety of settings, including minifying CSS, JavaScript, and HTML. The Lazy Load Images feature of this plugin allows image loading only if the viewport is loaded; thus decreasing the time tremendously.

Automated Daily Backups:

Another plus point of this hosting provider would be the backup functionality. Either you can create backups manually, to be on the safe side, or can make use of the automated daily backup feature.

And, when it’s the time to restore backups, you can seamlessly do so with one click.

Availability of Free SSL:

Additionally, JavaPipe also provides free unlimited SSL certificates. On top of that, they come with an auto-renewal feature. Thus, you’d only have to set them once, and rest will be done automatically.

Along with SSL, you can also get domain name registration services and dedicated IP addresses.

Preconfigured Cloudflare:

JavaPipe hosting comes with pre-configured Cloudflare to globally enhance the performance of your website. While the CDN support helps with the speed of your site, the integrated SSD storage enables faster data retrieval for better use.

Easy Site Migration:

In case you’ve already got an existing WordPress website, JavaPipe offers a seamless migration system. With this hosting provider, you can ensure completely free optimization as well as the migration of one website. On top of everything, their migration process is handled by the team of tech experts; hence, you wouldn’t have to spend time figuring out the ins and outs.

Performance with Twenty Nineteen Theme:

In case the uptime drops below 99.5% for reasons relevant to JavaPipe, you can claim a credit of 25% of the amount you monthly pay.

Apparently, even their customers have claimed to notice an increment of 405% – 848% in the speed.

For instance, consider this website’s result using Twenty Nineteen Theme as their default theme:

Javapipe Performance

As shown in the image, with a Page size of 4KB, the load time is as lesser as 1.17 seconds and requests are around 8.

Security Measures:

For sure, security is one of the biggest concerns for users. From day to day, incidences of breaches and attacks play a major role in compelling you to think before you take any action, right?

Keeping these hassles in mind, JavaPipe has ensured a smarter security method. Their inclusive DDoS services make sure 24/7 protection against undesirable attacks. Further, their Load Balancing technology is competent enough to filter attack traffic so as to safeguard a smooth website operation.

JavaPipe WordPress Hosting Pricing:

Coming to the amount that you’d have to shed each month from your pocket, then it’d be $27/month. However, if you’re buying a 3-years plan altogether, you’d have to pay somewhere around $15/month.

Customer Reviews:

Have a look at what customers of JavaPipe have to say about this hosting domain:

“I lately changed my hosting to JavaPipe and got a huge performance boost. My page load time dropped from 3 seconds to less than 400ms. Best of all, I didn’t have to lift a finger as the DFY migration & speed-up service was flawless.” – Samuel H, ArchSEO

“My site’s speed has improved tremendously after I moved to JavaPipe from my usual cPanel hosting. Also, the support staff at JavaPipe was quite helpful to clear all my queries, and they even offered me a free site migration service. I couldn’t be happier. Highly recommended!” – Michael P, SEO Expert.

“We tested out WPEngine, Cloudways, Namecheap, etc. and were always left with mediocre site speed. We got extremely lucky in finding JavaPipe as we were paying $100 for what we are paying now, and have sites running at twice the speed at they were on WPEngine. Cannot recommend JavaPipe enough, this is a game-changer for anyone struggling to find fast hosting and reliable support.” – Chet T, Collective Inbound.

Comparison of JavaPipe, Bluehost, and WP-Engine:

Of course, JavaPipe isn’t the only contender out there in the market. Quite seamlessly, you can find alternatives for your hosting requirements. But, how does this one differ from the major names in the hosting domain?

Here’s a comparison of JavaPipe with Bluehost and WP-Engine.

Factors to Compare JavaPipe Bluehost WP-Engine
Price $25/month $19.95/month $35/month
Number of Sites Unlimited Unlimited 1
SSD Storage 20  30 NA
Automated SSL Certificates Available NA Available

Wrapping Up:

Despite the obstacles that it may pose for website owners, however meager they’d be, JavaPipe is one of the excellent service providers that you can consider for your WordPress website.

As with the pricing, the WordPress plans offered by this company has almost everything that you may need; not to mention the speed and reliability.

Although you may come across certain shortcomings as well, such as a difficult to use dashboard, however, overall, it’s a good option. So, without any more delays, consider the odds of using this hosting provider and see how you can stay a step ahead from your competitors.

Dig deeper, know more about the features, and read additional reviews to understand how JavaPipe would exactly unfold as per your requirements.

Do let us know what you liked and disliked the most about this hosting provider.


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