7 Stages of Content that Marketers Should Know About [Infographic]

7 Stages of Content that Marketers Should Know About [Infographic]


With the advent of digital connectivity, content marketing has become a key element in the outreach strategies of many businesses – and for good reason. Content enables you to build your brand profile, to maximize your web presence, and in turn, improve discoverability and establish connection with audiences who find you online.

Your content speaks for you in situations where your salespeople or other representatives cannot – and with more and more consumers now connecting with businesses online, as opposed to in-store or in-person, that’s a critical aspect to consider.

Are you looking to improve your content approach in 2020?

If you don’t have a content plan in place, or you’re not seeing the results you want, then this overview from the team at Branex will help. The infographic below outlines some key content marketing stats, along with a basic framework for your own content plan. 

Worth considering in your process.

Infographic outlines key content marketing considerations and stats

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