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5 Reasons To Use WordPress In Your Website Design

From being a non-tech blogger’s savior a decade and a half ago to becoming the most popular Content Management System, WordPress has undoubtedly come a long way. Today, it is the most powerful Content Management System with a share of 59.4% in the global CMS market. It is empowering 28.5% of the entire web and…
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Best WordPress Emailing List Building Plugins

Thanks to the internet spreading its wings at a rapid speed, connecting to the desired audience isn’t a dream anymore. Whether you’re a small-business owner or run an enterprise, if you wish to target a certain segment of people, that’s completely possible online today. Out of all the techniques, email marketing is one such thing…
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How to do an SEO audit properly according to local SEO experts

A thorough SEO audit can be exactly what your website needs for it to excel at achieving its goal. A full audit can nonetheless be a daunting task. It might also be quite time-consuming; and well, who’s got the time. Right? Therefore, we are going to take you on an informative journey that will teach…
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Guide to understanding WordPress and database integration

WordPress is a content management system that is ideal for blogs and websites. It helps you in SEO, and there are several plugins available online that can be easily installed. However, do you know that WordPress also has a database that needs care and attention so that there are no hassles or hiccups when it…
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Why You Need To Invest In an SSL Certificate for Your WordPress Website

If you have a WordPress site, chances are, you might have heard about the Google SSL certificate by now. There is also a higher chance that you have come across alert messages on your site, indicating that the page is not secure. Better yet, it may have been one of your users who reached out…
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Top Seven WordPress Security Issues and How to Fix Them

WordPress security is more than updating themes and plugins or backing up a website. It is also different from periodic maintenance. If your site hasn’t been hacked, that doesn’t mean that is secure. Most likely, hackers consider it invaluable. The more important a site is or the more revenue it generates, the more hackers will…
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One Page WordPress Theme – Free Download Now

One Page WordPress Themes are becoming increasingly popular these days – if you look at recent themes that are released on the WordPress directory or on popular WordPress Theme Marketplaces too, you will notice that most of them are one page WP themes.Compact One is one such single page theme by CyberChimps that crossed 400…
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iFeature – Free Blogging WordPress Theme – Download Now

It’s the age of ‘perfection’. You need everything in time and with comfort. And same is the case when buying any product or service in person or online. Online business is directly proportional to the theme that is showcasing the business. Customers use various devices like smartphones, desktops, tabs etc. So, your website should fulfil…
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Black Friday WordPress Deals 2017

It is that time of the year when you get flooded with awesome deals! Black Friday is approaching and we’ve compiled a list of WordPress deals that you’ve been waiting for so long ? Here is the list of Black Friday WordPress Deals 2017. WPeka WPeka Club is a one-stop-shop for premium WordPress Plugins and…
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WordPress 4.9 Features and Screenshots

November 14, 2017, is the day when the release of WordPress 4.9 is scheduled. WordPress 4.9 Beta, the tester version of the upcoming version of WordPress, gives a glimpse of what features may make it to the final update of WordPress 4.9. The latest and even advanced features are expected to make WordPress even an…
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