A Guide to the Best Social Media Campaigns for Brands

A Guide to the Best Social Media Campaigns for Brands


In the current world, almost everyone has an account on social media. People are here mainly for business and networking purposes, stay connected to people across the globe and even for chatting with friends. But for consumers, there are always here for the reason that the marketers know of it.

Due to this increased number of people on social media, marketers are getting to learn more about the importance of social media marketing.

Therefore social media advertising is reaching to more audiences in a practical, impactful and low –cost way. This is the reason why social media campaigns are becoming a crucial marketing technique for almost every business.

Thus with this increased number of users and the continued growth of the monthly users, it is hard to imagine how businesses are remaining relevant without social media presence.

Social media campaigns allow you to engage with current and potential customers, increase website traffic, reach out the target audience, drive sales and increase brand loyalty.

Therefore, social media marketing is not a trend; it is a powerful system that is here to stay.

How to Set Social Media Marketing Campaign Goals

Social Media Marketing

When you need to create a social media campaign, it is essential to set clear goals to ensure you re achieving your best. Here are some of the goals you can always consider;

Improve brand awareness:

When you post your campaigns on the various social media platforms, this can help the improvement of the popularity of your brands. Consider using the specific hashtags and also providing the followers with incentives to tag friends and share your contents.

Therefore, when it comes to brand improvement, this does not necessarily have to take your entire time. According to some of the successful business owners, they spent a few hours on social media platforms and noticed an increase in their brand’s visibilities.

Having the right social media campaigns plan is critical here. You know when and where you need to add your posts to keep things more efficient.

Connecting with your Audience:


In all forms of marketing, your audience will always determine your success. Therefore having a connection with them is of great importance. The current world is full of distractions and diminishing patience. Thus effective marketing practices need to be incorporated than ever.

The good thing is that social media is making this much more comfortable as you can connect with potential customers. It does not matter your location or demographic; it has helped people stay connected.

Thus when you work on social media campaigns, you aim to get connections. You want to reach your audience both on the surface levels. It could be through a like, comment, following or through some posts that relate, making them feel a certain way about your products or brands.

A good example is the Coca-Colas “share a Coke” social media campaigns. This has connected the company with various audiences at deeper levels. By selling bottles of cokes with names of people on them, it has personalized the buying experience of customers, making them feel connected.

Increase Website Traffic:

Website Traffic

Social media is always a great way one can boost websites traffic. By putting your websites in your profiles bio, this will still help you in guiding users to your sites. When they get here, they can always know more about your companies or some specific products.

Most of the customers will always lose interest quickly or have little patience. Including URL in your bio, this can still help to avoid confusion and keep things much simple for your target customers.

Therefore, adding links to your websites is another great way to show your potential customers you are listening. More so, you can add a website or landing page URL to your posts on social media platforms. This will increase the number of followers on your websites.

Drive sales:

All marketers, of course, want their customers to be excited about their brands and products. When businesses do this successfully, then they will always notice an increase in sales. Social media campaigns are thus great ways of getting people excited about new products.

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How to create a marketing Social Media Campaign:

There are usually several ways in which you can create successful social media campaigns for your brands. Often, the plans that you have will always vary based on the campaign type, social media platform or on the industry.

The tips below can always guide you in making your social media campaign to boost your marketing.

1. Manage your results:

  It is evident that at one point, you will want to know the level of success for the campaigns. Therefore making any conclusions about your success will always need some metrics for monitoring and measuring your campaign.

A popular way of doing this is always through metric trackers such as social monitoring and metric tracking tool, HubSpot’s and Google Analytics.

The tools will give you information, such as changes in sales, changes in website traffic. Also, it increases the level of engagement, the followers you attract and lose and even the overall campaign traffic

2. Research your competition:

In the initial stages of planning your social media campaign, it is essential to consider your competitors. Look at things like;

  • What is the engagement like on their social media posts?
  • Consider which companies already have successful social media accounts and are similar to yours?
  • Find out whether the companies you review conduct live videos, contests or giveaways.
  • Which companies have the campaigns that you are sure did well?

When you ask yourself these questions, you will always get a clear understanding of what works well for your industry. Also, this could help you determine how to make your own social media campaign unique.

And in the case, your competitors are not on social media, or you are not a fan of their previous campaigns, you can look for inspiration elsewhere. Find out those companies that will be your source of inspiration.

Find the way you can apply such elements such as specific messages, aesthetic, level of engagement, or similar style in your social media campaigns.

3. Choose your content type and format:

Before you can even determine the type of content, it is essential to think of why you are creating your campaign.

Some of the instances when your company needs to create social media campaigns are; Contests or giveaways. User-generated content promotions, Holidays, Partnerships with other businesses and Special occasions or milestones

It is essential to consider which type of content needs to be used on various platforms. If your social media campaign is using lots of photography, then you can use Instagram. Livestreaming and longer video forms, Facebooks could be the best option.

In the case you want to release shorter bursts of information, then Twitter could serve the purpose best. It’s good to make an analysis of what each of the platforms is best for and make your decision from here.

4. Craft your strategy:


Before determining your campaign goal, it is essential first you consider your target audience. Think of who are you trying to reach? What do you hope this campaign will achieve for your audience and company?

How would you do your target audience classification? And how are you going to create continued engagements with your followers throughout your campaigns?

Your crucial priority should always be to ensure your messages appeal to the target audience. Remember this is a social media campaign rule that you should always consider. Never lose the sight of who you try connecting with and why.

Otherwise, your target audiences will always lose interest in your campaign, or scroll down the social posts.

Some of the ways you can appeal your target audience include;

a) Engage with your audience:

When most of the consumers post on social media concerning your products or brands, they will always expect feedback within 24 hours. Therefore, you must respond to the posts, comments, questions, and concerns that left by the consumers.

This will help you in creating a healthy relationship with your audience. It also makes them more loyal to your brands and products. In the long run, you can always earn their trust.

b) Be informative:

Always make your audience still want to stop and listen. When you have information that is not worth their time, why will they even check your campaigns? Ensure that you are providing your audiences with incentives.

Ensure that you are creating giveaways that may need your audience reading through your descriptions. You can give them information on how they could become participants of the giveaway and when they should expect the announcement of the winner.

c) Consider current trends:

Ask yourself what is it that people really want to view these days? Think of live streaming, which has become more popular on social platforms. Are you able to incorporate such trends in your social media campaign?

d) Create compelling and unique visual content:

It does not matter where and what you are posting. Whether it is an edited picture or Videos, ensure that the visible contents are entertaining and compelling. Ensure to give your audience something they have never seen before.

How to promote your content on social media campaigns:

 After having your goals set right and knowing your target audience, it is time to share your campaign and promote your content. Consider these techniques;

1. Ensure your content is unique to your business:

Ensure that you are creating an aesthetic for your social media campaign that is matching your brand. You want to stand out and make people continue following you. So ensure your content is unique, and anyone landing on your page should know it’s yours even without going through your profile.

2. Create a unique hashtag for your campaign:

Proper Hashtag Research

All the major social media campaigns will always have a hashtag. Therefore in your campaign ensure you are including it and making it the same across all your social media platforms. The hashtags will still allow your team members to keep track of the interactions.

More so, it can always make it easy for your followers to keep engaging with your social media campaign. Just ensure your hashtag is memorable and unique.

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3. Promote one message throughout your campaign:

When you are indulging in the social media campaigns, ensure you are promoting the same message across all the platforms you choose. When you do this, then you can be sure that your followers hear the same information over and over again.

Marketing social media campaigns in the past have it that messages are usually handy, especially when they get repeated. Repetitions will always foster trust between your messages and audiences, make your product and brands be known, and even familiarity.

4. Engage with your audience regularly:

It does not matter the number of followers you are having. You need to do is set aside some time to respond to feedback, comment, like and even answer questions that your audience may have.

Engaging with your followers will always give them that personal experience which will make them never forget you. With these strong bonds and skills, you are creating; you will always keep followers investing in your brands.

5. Automate your content with scheduling software:

Creating engaging content and interactions with followers can be time-consuming. However, there is a way in which you can schedule your social media campaign posts ahead of time. This will save you from doing it in real-time.

Tools such as CoSchedule, Crowdfire, and Hootsuite will always allow you to schedule your posts with hashtags, videos, photos, and text. Some of these tools will have analytics that could help the users in determining the scheduled posts that do well and those that need modification.


Social media is taking over the world. Some trends are changing, but social media is here to stay. Therefore social media campaigns are great options businesses are venturing in to promote their brands and products.

Thus, with the possibilities of reach, the ability to engage with the customers and followers needs to be advanced. Therefore, you need to get started with social media campaigns, and you will significantly impact sales and get people pumped about your brand.

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