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Why you need SEO for a small brand

Google updates have always been a talking point whenever released in the market. But the one that happened in the immediate past in June, and which is called Google June 2019 Core Update, created an upheaval in the online landscape by disarraying website traffic rankings of even popular businesses. The roll-out that took about five…
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7 Actionable Tips to Drive Traffic to Your New WordPress Site

A new website is like a newborn baby that needs intensive care to groom and nourish. The webmaster starts with basic structure, adds content, and leave it open for the entire world to visit. But, how will the world know about it? Internet users can find it either through search engines or social media. Drive traffic…
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domain authority

Different Ways to build Domain authority with SEO content

What is domain authority Domain authority is a search engine ranking signal. It is usually measured on popularity,size and age. The higher your site’s domain authority, the more likely it is for it to rank in Search Engine results. For those who are new to the world of Content and SEO, building Domain authority can…
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