Top 5 Free WordPress Plugins For Restaurants: Get Your Reservations And Menu Options Here

Top 5 Free WordPress Plugins For Restaurants: Get Your Reservations And Menu Options Here


Would you rather manage your restaurant’s website or be in the kitchen? Some days, it’s probably a tough call, but it’s doubtful you spent time developing a menu and customer base to devote your time to juggling a menu, booking, and review website. Luckily, your WordPress website provides you with access to all of the time-saving free WordPress plugins for restaurants you need to launch your new eatery online at your leisure.

Restaurant Menu by Moto PressMotoPress Restaurant Menu plugin is a great menu building option if you prefer for your menu to exist for total review but want individual dishes also to maintain pages on your website.

Restaurant Menu lets you create categories to suit your menu. You can focus on food types, such as appetizers, desserts, and salads, or provide a full breakfast, lunch, and dinner menu instead. All of the above is also an option. Within each menu (or category), each dish is displayed with a photograph, name, and other descriptive elements of your choosing.

Of benefit for search engine optimization and information sharing — each dish receives it’s on a page on the website — consider the dish the menu equivalent of a blog post within the category. On the dish page, you can specify additional nutritional details, share more photos or feature customization options.

Additional features:

  • Allows for switching individual items and categories on and off as a group
  • Features or hides tags and ingredients
  • Offers the ability to build unlimited categories and menu items.
  • Provides multiple menu display options ranging from a six-column grid layout to a single-column list.

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Quick Restaurant Menu by Things for Restaurants

QUICK RESTAURANT MENU plugin - plugins for restaurantsQuick Restaurant Menu offers a streamlined, automated solution. The plugin specializes in making sure the right menu is displayed at the appropriate time based on your predefined timeline.

When a visitor arrives at your website at noon, for example, your lunch menu would appear while a 4 p.m. visitor would see the dinner menu.

While it’s not a deal breaker when you need a free time-based menu delivery option, Quick Restaurant Menu does require you to create an additional menu entry for the same item if pricing changes are present between lunch and dinner. For dishes offered at the same rate, you can easily add the item to multiple menus without making a new entry.

The restaurant menu is easy to manage with unlimited menu options and unlimited menu items.

Additional features:

  • Headers and footers can be added to each menu individually.
  • Photos, descriptions, sizes, and prices are displayed for each menu item.
  • Responsive layout for mobile viewing.
  • Drag and drop interface.
  • Custom CSS can be inserted based on your needs.

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Restaurant Menu, Food Ordering System, Table Reservation by Gloria Food

Free Online Ordering System For Restaurants - plugins for restaurantsGloria Food plugin is a menu option, but it’s features are much more varied and extend beyond the menu.

Marketed as a freemium option, Gloria Food provides a robust set of features in its free version, hoping adopters will choose a premium option to accept payments through a branded mobile app.

Like the options above, the restaurant menu features allow you to build a custom menu using your pictures and customized food items.

The Gloria Food version differs slightly through access to stock food images. Menu items can also be easily customized to including sizing variations as well as choices and add-ons available in your restaurant.

For enterprises with heavily customizable recipes, such as burgers or pizza, the options are endless.

The free version does allow for orders and can customize open and closing times for multiple service hours, such as delivery times that extend past hours of operation.

Additional features:

  • Takes orders in advance for later fulfillment.
  • Accommodates multiple delivery zones with various minimum order value requirements.
  • Provides real-time order confirmation and fulfillment times.
  • Delivers analytics.

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Google Maps Widget

Google Maps WidgetGet Google Maps Widget

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Bookly by Bookly

bookly restaurant pluginGet Bookly

Check, please?

From reservations to menus and online orders, the best free WordPress plugins for restaurants provide a full range of services in their free versions. Access to virtual payment options, however, is an upcharge for the major players.

Is your restaurant looking for a plugin to help with another aspect of restaurant management? Do you have a favorite not mentioned above?

Let us know in the comments below.

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