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10 Tools & Tips to Make your WP Login Page and Admin Area even Safer

The login page is the door to the admin area of your website. It lets you access the back-end of your site. After logging in, you get access to the dashboard of your site from where you perform various tasks such as creating new posts and pages, updating themes and plugins, etc. As you perform…
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Top Features of VPSrobots Pro – Is it the best VPS hosting Option for You?

Do you own a website? Are you trying to build one right now? In either of the two cases, you must have come across terms such as web hosting, dedicated hosts, and virtual private servers. If you are new to the field of web designing or building a website, learning these concepts might sound like…
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Breaking the Design Hierarchy: Putting Security First

When it comes to designing a website for your business, the first thing every designer, amateur or otherwise, thinks about is how it will look. From the images and animations to the fonts, layout, and logo, the styling is often the first port of call in the design hierarchy. As we’ve shown in the past,…
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6 Stages of Design Thinking Process & How To Master It.

Design Thinking is a methodology problem-solving and solution focused, which helps companies and individuals alike to get the desired outcome on internal issues, or to work forward on a future plan. Design Thinking allows the user of the system to construe a structured plan for understanding innovation and to grow more as a company. The…
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Taking Up the Challenge: How to Build Your Own Website in 3 Steps

Hosting, Miscellaneous, Web Design, WordPress June 8, 2018 12 min read The Internet rules the world of modern business. Whatever sphere you work in, to be prosperous and successful your business should be present online. The best method to get noticed in the virtual world is to learn how to build website and launch it. This…
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How To Publish An HTML5 Magazine In WordPress

Every business owner seeks something, a platform, a medium or an application to advertise products and services online without investing too much on it. In response to the same, FlipHTML5 evolved, playing the role of an HTML5 digital publishing solution and helping marketers and publishers realize their goals through a simple yet remarkable digital magazine…
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Website Readability Best Practices: 10 Tips for Formatting Your Web Content

Readability is essential in helping visitors on your website to obtain information effectively. It gives them a platform to read the text efficiently. It’s no best practice if your website does not provide absorbable content. In fact, a readable website endears your web surfers to keep coming back. An otherwise bad readability turns off your…
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