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5 best plugins for Virtual Tours in WordPress

Virtual Reality is a form of expressing reality in the virtual world. There are many forms of Virtual Reality, but among them, 360 Virtual Tours are the most well-known. 360 Virtual Tours can be one of the main charms of your website. Whether you are running a Real Estate website or a Hotel Business, having…
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Create extraordinary connections with a simple lead generation tool

The process of Lead Generation comprises of all the actions a business takes to identify and onboard users who may take interest in the products or services of that business, and eventually make a purchase hence lead generation tool comes handy. Leads are real people, potential customers, not just numbers. And no matter what type…
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Top 10 WordPress translation plugins for multilingual website

A multilingual website is one which displays content in more than one languages. Your business may have clients in different parts of the world, and for your international customers, to understand the information on the website, it is important to make it available for the clients in different languages. For this very purpose of translation,…
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WP Fluent Form Review: The Most Underrated (Yet Powerful) WordPress Form Builder 0f 2019

When it comes to using WordPress Form builder plugins, so many options appear into our brains that make spoilt for choice. However, in this competitive market condition, it’s pretty complicated for novice users to go for the right selection. Today, I’ll try to help you make an informed decision in this regard. Apart from some…
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A Complete Guide on WordPress popups

It is essential thats websites provide a great user experience to be successful. If you aim to attract a significant amount of traffic on your site, you not only need to ensure relevant content but also keep the user experience at its best. One such way to do that is to use WordPress popups on…
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How to Fix Common WordPress Security Issues – 12 Tips For Beginners

As stated by Robert Muller: “There are only two types of companies: those that have been hacked, and those that will be. Even that is merging into one category: those that will be hacked and will be again.” When most of the websites are built on WordPress CMS, it has become essential to fix these essential WordPress…
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Say No To Complex PCI Compliance Procedures- Time to Welcome Stripe in WordPress

Whether or not you realize or consent to it, using Stripe for WordPress can affect your website. Owing to massive demand from customers, the plugin grabs a hold and doesn’t seem to let go. Call it something basic or bizarre; it surely has the potential to make things like accepting payments seamless for the site…
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10 Best WordPress content blocks plugins to extend the functionality

Lately, almost every other WordPress user is glossing over the introduction of Gutenberg. However, one thing that you must keep in mind is that it’s not just any other WordPress editor, but something more than that, thanks to its WordPress content blocks and several other advanced features. In a way, Gutenberg lays the foundation for…
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How To Create WordPress Coming Soon Page Using Free Plugins

Undoubtedly, everybody has their own idea of how a temporary website shutdown would look like. If you’re a novice blogger, whether people can or can’t see anything on your site during development might not impact you. Thus, you may simply turn off your site until it’s ready to launch again. However, if you’re on the…
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