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6 Stages of Design Thinking Process & How To Master It.

Design Thinking is a methodology problem-solving and solution focused, which helps companies and individuals alike to get the desired outcome on internal issues, or to work forward on a future plan. Design Thinking allows the user of the system to construe a structured plan for understanding innovation and to grow more as a company. The…
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Taking Up the Challenge: How to Build Your Own Website in 3 Steps

Hosting, Miscellaneous, Web Design, WordPress June 8, 2018 12 min read The Internet rules the world of modern business. Whatever sphere you work in, to be prosperous and successful your business should be present online. The best method to get noticed in the virtual world is to learn how to build website and launch it. This…
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How to Design a Logo for Your Website in 5 Easy Steps

If you are serious about creating a successful website for commercial or even personal use, then having a unique and attractive website logo is a must. However, before you learn how to create one, it’s important to understand what it’s all about in the first place. The significance of Website Logo Here is the thing…
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10 Best tools that can help you to build a WordPress website on your Own

Today, if you think you can’t build a website because you didn’t study any programming language, YOU ARE WRONG! It is not a computer science anymore if you want to build a basic WordPress website. But here are some amazing tools, with the help which you won’t only build a WordPress website, but you will…
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YellowPencil – The Best Visual WordPress CSS Editor Plugin (Must TRY)

YellowPencil Whether your WordPress theme doesn’t allow you to customize menu background or provides problems when it comes to resizing or positioning the custom logo, there are several such cases when the need of a WordPress visual CSS Editor plugin arises. On the top of that, it is even important to look out for such…
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5 UX KPIs You Need To Track

In a way, everyone loves measuring and assessing things, isn’t it? Undoubtedly, it is one of the easiest ways to understand the pros and cons of something. Although it might be a bit difficult to anticipate the entire outcome based on numbers, they somehow, help you gauge different situations. So, when it comes to user…
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Most Trending Themes To Make Beautiful Websites

Way before you are going to put your feet into the online business world, you should be thinking about how your website is going to look like after using trending themes. It’s imperative for you to provide your audience with such qualitative content that will keep them hooked and engaged. And for that, you need…
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Importance of Color in UI Design – Tips & Tricks to Use Color Wisely

Colors are, undoubtedly, one of the most beautiful things that stir various emotions in humans. Right from watching things differently to rationalizing them in a completely dissimilar manner, there are numerous things a human can do just with colors. If you are heads and heels into UI designs, you surely would have come across a…
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How to Create a Coming Soon Page with WordPress

Lately, Coming Soon Page with WordPress has become popular. Instead of starting your blog with an empty page or postponing the launch just because you still haven’t finished designing the site, you can put at least one page online. This page is also known as an under construction or maintenance page. And while creating one…
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CrocoBlock: One More Reason to Adore Elementor [+ Free Kava theme]

Most people don’t like dealing with programming – they choose an easier and more rapid way to get what they want. No wonder that page builders increasingly gain their popularity. For example, only Elementor drag and drop interface plugin has been installed for more than a million times already and the number of setups is…
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