The Best Free Fonts That You Don’t Want to Miss

The Best Free Fonts That You Don’t Want to Miss


Creating content in different fonts is a lot of fun; we’ve all written a piece of text on a document, slide, or image and then used various fonts on it to see how they look. Fonts give an instant appeal to any text, making it more eye-catching and aesthetically pleasing. The best part is that there are a lot of fonts available out there, and many of them are free! This means plenty of options in cursive, artistic, straight, decorative, funny, beautiful, and unique patterns in which you can write your content.

In this article, we are listing out some of the best free fonts that you really don’t want to miss. Whether you are making banners, graphics, emails, or any other marketing collateral, these awesome fonts will give you plenty of room to get creative and be unique. Check out these awesome fonts, and download the ones you like!

Alcubierre – The Graceful Free Typeface Font


If you want a font that’s straight yet fluid, perfectly balanced and thoroughly subtle, the Alcubierre is the one for you. This free typeface font looks downright professional and makes a statement by underplaying. It is great for simplistic graphics like posters, social media posts, and emails.

Montonia – Bold Free Typeface Font


Montonia is a beautiful typeface font that gives any graphic and text a medieval, artistic look. The diamond shape on lettering makes Montonia a great font for digital and printed work like websites, posters, banners, etc. The slab serif format makes this font is very pronounced. It contrasts beautifully with all kinds of colours and backgrounds.

Caja – The Free Vintage Decorative Font


If vintage or decorative is what you want, then Caja is the perfect free font to have. The diamond design in every letter gives it a very medieval look. This is an all-caps font that looks great on activity posters, flyers, or certain social media graphics. Because of its bold look, Caja should be used sparingly.

Sandy – Stunning Free Calligraphic Font


A twirly and curly font looks very pretty when paired with delicate graphics and designs. Sandy is one such free calligraphic font that adds grace and elegance to any text. This font doesn’t go overboard with the decorative aspect, managing to stay just the right amount of curly and making every text look simply stunning.

Soria – The Free Noveau Typeface Font


Soria is a font that looks straight out of an ancient book or scroll of parchment. This font is very vintage, and yet very classy and graceful. It has an eye-catching design that works great for posters of plays, social media posts, and the like. Soria has an aura of mystery, wonder, and sophistication.

Waterlily – Beautiful Free Typeface Font


Waterlily is a very beautiful free typeface font that looks great on graphics such as posters, stories, or maybe even movie credits. The typeface comes with 80 hand drawn images as well. Waterlily is a fun font that combines sophistication with a hint of ‘lovely’.

Julep – The Free Parallel Typeface Font


The highlight of Julep is that it makes an impact using thin lines and tall lettering. This font is perfect for slideshow titles, posters, branding, social media posts, and even funky yet understated t-shirt designs. With a chalk-hand drawn pattern, Julep takes one of the spots in the must-have fonts list.

Bernier – Free Set of Vintage Typefaces


Bernier is a set of 3 vintage typefaces that give the perfect retro, old school to your text. Bernier fonts are perfect for logos, headings, posters, and banners. This font comes in a regular, distressed, and faded styles and is only in uppercase. If you want to give an old school twist to your designs, then Bernier is a great font.

Exodus – The Versatile Free Luxury Display Typeface


Exodus is stunning; there are no two ways about that. This is probably one of the most versatile free typeface fonts out there with 6 different variations in the font design. Exodus is perfect for just about everything – posters, flyers, brochures, social media posts, graphics, book covers, t-shirt designs, and anything else that you can think of.

Selima – Perfectly Imperfect Free Brush Fonts


Selima is a collection of free brush fonts that are beautifully wonky and twirly. The highlight of this font is the irregular shapes and lines. Selima fonts are perfect for social media posts, story covers, brochures and flyers, and even t-shirt designs.

Zefani – The Popular Free Luxury Typeface Font


Zefani is the font that you often find on magazine covers or movie posters. The big and bold font features incomplete lines in the lettering, which adds an artistic flair to the text. Zefani is great for poster heading, social media posts, and even book covers.

Dekade – Another Beautiful Brush and Swash Font


Dekade is a set of very beautiful and balanced swash and brush fonts. It looks great on brochures, posters, flyers, social media posts, t-shirts, invitations, book covers, logos, and so much more. The beauty of fonts like Dekade is the versatility and universality, which means they look great with just about anything.

Arctic – The Bold and Professional Free Typeface Font


Arctic is a bold and beautiful typeface font that comes in both cases, with numerals, symbols and accents. This versatile font looks very pronounced and stands proud, making it perfect for all kinds of social media posts, posters, flyers, emails, presentations and other graphical text. The slight curves and straight lines make it an appealing and pretty font.

Breakwater – Free Decorative Triangle Sans Font


Breakwater is an all-caps sans font that comes with a unique and utterly stylish triangle design under the letters. This gives the font a very tribal feel. Breakwater is wonderful for posters, covers, hoardings and boards, menu designs, and a lot more. This font will make any graphic look very unique.

Lumberjack – The Vintage, Bold Free Typeface Font


Lumberjack is a vintage-like font that looks brushed but is actually quite bold and pronounced. It comes in four unique styles that can be used to create all kinds of designs like adverts, posters, campaigns, email graphics, social media posts, book covers, and a lot more. It is a great font that will definitely catch the eye of your audiences.

Graffismo – The Bubbly Free Display Font


Graffismo is a very fun looking, curly and bubble-like display font. It goes great on funky posters, pop covers, and a lot more. This font is meant to be a heading and subheading, is translation friendly, small and large caps, and looks insanely fun and vibrant.

Rainwood – The Wonky Free Typeface Font


Rainwood is a typeface font that has a hand-painted look. The painting style typeface gives a handmade feel to the font. Rainwood is great for t-shirt printing, book covers, flyers and brochures, and even social media posts. It can be used to give a spooky feel, party feel, or even just a ‘handmade’ feel.

Storytella – Free Handwritten Brush Font


Storytella is a very pretty and graceful handwritten brush font. It looks like someone dipped a brush in watercolours and started painting out a story. Storytella is great for social media posts and inforgraphics, clothes designs, posters or cover pages, and a lot more. The loops and turns give this font an perfect imbalance.

So there you have it! Some amazing free fonts that you should download right away and have fun with them!


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