How Joule Rapidly Scales Workflow for Rokk3r Labs and Its Portfolio Companies

How Joule Rapidly Scales Workflow for Rokk3r Labs and Its Portfolio Companies


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Joule is a simple and easy way to get website and tech tasks done quickly. There is a serious problem that is prevalent amongst existing freelance marketplaces. It takes way too much time to get someone who’s hopefully an expert to address your WordPress problems, adjustments, and tasks.

Our answer? Meet Joule – we like to think of it as the new Google for freelancing and website task completion. Simply type in what you need to be done and Joule instantly connects you with a live person and an expert that will get your task completed in hours, not days. There is no hiring, no interviews, just us working on getting you the solution you need.

We solve tasks like bug fixes, plugin/theme installations, setting up Google analytics, overall website customizations and so much more.

Just ask Joule. You’ve got more important things to do.

Below is a case study that shows you how Joule gets website and tech tasks done for real companies doing big things. We want to show you how Joule can solve your WordPress problems by giving you insight into companies that have already used Joule and continue to use Joule. This case study displays how Joule can be the 25th hour of your day…

How Joule Rapidly Scales Workflow for Rokk3r Labs and Its Portfolio Companies

We have been elated to have Joule be a part of Rokk3r Labs’ Cobuild platform over the past few months. The Rokk3r Labs Cobuild platform is designed to “build and launch exponential organizations.”

This just so happens to align perfectly with what Joule also helps companies do, build and launch exponentially by getting website and tech tasks done quickly and simply. So, it was inevitable that Rokk3r Labs and Rokk3r Labs’ portfolio companies would use Joule to get their website and tech tasks done.

We’ve already had some amazing companies use Joule and we would like to share with you some of those companies and their projects.

10xU and Helping Them Optimize Their WordPress Website

10xU is also a company that helps startups innovate and grow rapidly. 10xU is also a portfolio company of Rokk3r Labs, but nonetheless still used Joule to optimize their WordPress website.

Joule most recently helped 10xU track their blog posts on their WordPress website. Joule was able to rework the data that was passed to Google Analytics, so 10xU could tell which page was a blog post and which was not. This allowed 10xU to track their blog posts and get the metrics behind it all.

A couple of other tasks we helped 10xU with, among others, were the installation of a “comment plugin” and fixing a feature that allowed their users to store their credit card information on the 10xU WordPress website.

For the “comment plugin” task, we installed a plugin to enable a conversation between 10xU members around specific pages of their course content. The key feature 10xU wanted was its users shouldn’t need to login to the comment section to leave comments, and that’s exactly what Joule created for them.

The “credit card storage” task was a little more complicated but Joule thrives on complicated tasks. The way their WordPress website or the plugin was originally set up, it wouldn’t allow users to change their payment info on the dashboard. Joule was able to quickly get this done and 10xU was able to quickly get back to on-boarding paying customers.

Getting Tech Tasks Done for Rokk3r Labs and Rokk3r Fuel ExO

Rokk3r Labs and Rokk3r Fuel ExO both used Joule to optimize their WordPress websites.

Joule made most of the changes through Rokk3r’s WordPress host WP Engine.

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Rokk3r Labs and Rokk3r Fuel ExO needed some quick WordPress fixes and installations, so ideally they came to Joule because they knew Joule would get this done for them without all the typical hassle. Their latest task requests were they needed to change a specific URL for one of their pages, configure Google Analytics and ensure basic SEO setup for each page.

One of the great things about Joule is its ease of use and prompt ability to get tasks done. For the three tasks that Rokk3r Labs and Rokk3r Fuel ExO requested, we were able to have them all completed within hours. A lot of the work was done through WP Engine, which provides managed WordPress hosting. These tasks can typically take much longer or maybe even never get done, but Joule renders those issues obsolete.

Now, Rokk3r Labs and Rokk3r Fuel ExO have fully functional Google Analytics set up on their site, their URL was changed to their request and their SEO settings have been updated to ensure they appear on the top search engine results.


The above are all prime examples of just some of the tasks Joule can do. Joule has really become indispensable for a lot of companies and website owners. You know those products or services you don’t really know you need until you actually try it? Then after you try it you wonder how you couldn’t live without it, well, that’s Joule…

If you sign up with your email on Joule’s website and get accepted into our Beta, you’ll get 150 Joule credits. 1 Joule Credit = $1 USD… you do the math ?

We designed our referral program to be as seamless and rewarding as possible for each user.All you need to do is share your referral link and you are rewarded credits, it’s as simple as that. The more people you share the link with, the more credits! Credits you can use to get your WordPress tasks done without all the vetting, time and excessive costs it typically takes.

We hope you enjoy using Joule as much as we enjoyed building it. We really wanted to create a solution that would quickly and easily fix any of your WordPress issues. Enjoy and please share Joule with anyone else you think may also find it useful!

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