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Exploring the Role of an Online Reputation Management Consultant

All of us know and understand the significance of reputation in terms of your business or brand. Today, efficient online reputation management is of pivotal importance for any business to grow and flourish. As per, the year-end is approaching soon, digital marketing seems to be flourishing, and if you are an entrepreneur you surely must…
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Is POSTOPLAN The Social Media Marketing Tool We Were All Waiting For?

Social media marketing is a crucial component of any business’ marketing plan. There is an incredible opportunity to reach your customers and potential clients through social media and expand your brand identity. However, capitalizing on social media requires consistent posting and management. This is where the role of Social Media Marketing tools becomes very important.…
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Effective SEO Strategies for Real Estate Agencies to Increase Traffic and Conversions

There has been a transformational change in the real estate industry in recent years due to the impact of digital technology and the changing expectations of homebuyers. It is evident that the marketing plans and strategies of real estate agencies too must respond accordingly. According to studies, as much as 86% of potential homebuyers consider…
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20 Insane Instagram Facts You Should Know

When you talk to any millennials, they will tell you that among the most popular social media networking platform is Instagram. Today, one Instagram facts are that it has a user base of over 700 million active users. This has made it even the best platform for most advertisements. This photo-sharing platform is taking the…
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Why Do You Want To Invest Time In Content Marketing?

Marketing is all about knowing tactics to sell products and services. One of the features of doing this service is content. It plots down the traffic income under search engines or any podium guideline. The biggest data source is to guide as a marketing venture. Without data, resource internet is just a blank blink. Every…
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Hardware-based encryption is the key to future proofing data protection concerns

With recent changes to data protection laws, the data protection landscape is rapidly changing in scope, breadth and depth. Data protection is no longer simply a part of risk management, but also governance and compliance – meaning organizations today must keep up with all that is happening in the world of data protection. The permanent…
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How AI can drive better travel customer interactions

The travel industry is no stranger to using artificial intelligence. For example, travel chatbots that learn customers preferences, personalise travel recommendations and simplify bookings have proliferated rapidly. However, AI can do much more for how travel marketers can gain competitive differentiation for the offers and experiences they promote in a digital landscape in which customers…
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The five things I’ve learned from starting a tech business

As player-turned-board-member of an amateur rugby club, I know first-hand how challenging it can be for sports groups to generate cash. Now, as the co-founder of an e-commerce platform launched earlier this year, I’m out to try and change that. Tech start-up Kitvendr enables community sports clubs to sell their own branded apparel on a…
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Social Media and Big Data: Top Ten Things to Look Out for

Most people have been hearing about big data but they don’t know its actual meaning. The term describes a large volume of data (both unstructured and structural) that engulfs a business on a daily basis. However, the amount of data that a business has is not that important. What matters most is how your organization…
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10 Steps Use Facebook Live: Expert Guide

Facebook is a social media platform that is the most popular in the world, with over two billion users. It provides brands with a range of ways in which they can engage and interact worth their audiences. Tools like Facebook live are giving companies the capacity to showcasing theirs behind the scenes elements. It helps them portray…
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