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6 Best WordPress Slider Plugins – Performance + Quality (Compared)

Are you looking to add a slider in your WordPress site? There are dozens of WordPress slider plugins on the market that you can use. However, not all slider plugins are created equal. Most of them load too many scripts which slow down your website. In this article, we will compare the top WordPress slider…
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Social Media: The Driving Force of Local Search

If you own one of the few people in the world who hasn’t heard of social media campaigns or the supreme king of social networking websites known as Facebook, then you probably should crawl back into your Delorian and put on a nice 8-track of falsetto voices. While there are still a few people who…
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Mobile Marketing

December 1, 2017 by Leave a Comment Mobile marketing isn’t something that people take into consideration much when getting involved with the hyperlocal search, but it should be recognized because it’s probably the one median where SEO is utilized the most. Whether it’s text messages, SMS messages, applications, or more, designing a mobile marketing campaign is…
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How Local SEO can increase your business

October 21, 2017 by Leave a Comment Local SEO is a great form of local search marketing online. It allows business owners to reach their local customers. Local SEO uses Google and business directories and yellow pages. Millions of users daily check these directories to find out the local businesses in their area. Local…
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The North Face gets a thumbs down from SEO community after manipulating Google image search results

Last week, outdoor clothing brand The North Face and its ad agency Leo Burnett Tailor Made, came under fire after the agency updated images on Wikipedia pages for popular travel destinations. The efforts were part of a campaign to get The North Face branding at the top of Google image search results when anyone searched…
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Google begins rolling out June 2019 core update

Google has launched the June 2019 algorithm update, as it warned on Sunday. More On Sunday, in a rare move, Google pre-announced that it will be rolling out an algorithm update today. Google named it the June 2019 core update. That update is now rolling out according to an update from Google. Here’s Google’s update. At…
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Top 10 Color Pickers for 2019

Saving color palettes you find online or as you’re working on a design is not always an easy process. You could use the browser’s Inspect tool to grab the hex code or grab a screenshot and use Photoshop later on to pull the colors from it. Or you could simplify the process and grab a…
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How to Create Identity Guidelines That Empower Your Clients

To stop the all too familiar scenario of seeing a beautifully designed identity go out into the world only to be misused by a client we need to be empowering them with the right kind of identity guidelines. It’s time to take our cue from UI design and start creating guidelines that leave nothing to…
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5 Web Design Turn-Offs To Avoid

The Internet of today is a highly competitive place. With so many individuals and businesses spending money and time on digital marketing and SEO — trying to outperform their rivals and sit at the top of the Google heap — it’s harder than ever to get users to visit any given website over another. Given…
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Tips For Managing Design Systems

About The Author Nick Babich is a developer, tech enthusiast, and UX lover. He has spent the last 10 years working in the software industry with a specialized focus on … More about Nick… A successful design system needs to become part of an organization’s DNA that help your team produce more consistent user experiences,…
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