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Can Facebook Ads Influence Integration Adoption? Here’s What We Found.

Platforms are embedded in our daily lives — whether we realize it or not. Have you recently … Ordered food from a service like GrubHub or made a reservation using OpenTable? Booked a ride using Lyft? Used your phone to check your email? All of these seamless interactions require systems to talk to each other…
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The Straightforward Guide to the Google Display Network

Millions of dollars are poured into the Google Display Network (GDN) every day. But why? Google offers endless options for marketers to promote their products, so how is this network different? Frankly — because it works. When industry competitors’ congest search engines, the GDN can be a great alternative. With it, there’s less competition for…
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How to Generate Quality Leads From Your PPC Campaigns

You’ve poured thousands of dollars into your Pay-Per-Click (PPC) search campaigns and have managed to generate a substantial number of leads. You’re rocking your conversion rates and your cost per lead is great. What’s the problem? It’s only when you start analyzing your results and dig a little deeper that you realize an overwhelming majority…
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The 8 Types of Social Media Community Managers (+ Job Descriptions)

In the last decade, the need for social media managers has boomed. According to the U.S. Department of Labor statistics, this trend is not slowing down any time soon. The role of a social media manager or specialist is categorized within the “Advertising, Promotions, and Marketing Manager” sector of the labor force, which is projected to grow by 10% before 2026. Although…
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How to Upload Documents and Presentations on LinkedIn

Does this content marketing formula sound (very) familiar? Create content Publish content on my company’s website or blog Post the link on all my social channels Cross fingers and hope my audience bites This is a foundational play in most marketing playbooks — and sometimes, it works. But waiting and hoping to see if your…
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8 Social Media Tools You Need to Use in 2019

You already know how important social media is to increase brand awareness, generate more leads, and ultimately score more conversions. The world is on social media — 45 percent of it, at least — so if you want your product, service, and mission to reach the maximum amount of people, your business needs to be…
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12 Gantt Chart Examples You’ll Want to Copy

Gantt charts. Love ‘em, hate ‘em, or can’t live without ‘em, they’re a reality of a marketer’s life. But how do you make yours stand out from the rest? I’ve gathered some of the best examples around, along with some free templates to get you started. Dive in below and find your favorite. But first…
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Which Countries Get The Most Time Off Work? (Interactive Map)

Undoubtedly, paid time-off, vacation days, and parental leave are critical factors for long-term employee satisfaction — in fact, 43% of employees said annual leave is the work-related benefit that would make them feel most loved in the workplace. But vacation days and PTO vary greatly depending on the culture in which they’re offered. Certain countries…
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6 Product Management Practices to Apply to Your Content Marketing

Content strategy is a phrase that means a lot of different things to a lot of different people. For some, it’s a rigorous, drawn-out process that can take months to complete. For others, it’s a handful of slides. Or worse, whatever it takes for the client to sign off the annual retainer. It usually depends…
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How to Build a Landing Page: 15 Things to Double-Check

Whether you’re setting up a landing page for the first time or the billionth time, it’s easy to forget something. It’s just one type of page on your website, but there are lots of moving parts you need to juggle. Some of those moving parts are more important than others — if they get lost…
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