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The State of the Marketing Industry in 2019: 7 Trends to Watch Out For

If you work in content marketing, you probably know that its booming growth and ever-evolving ecosystem forces us to constantly be on the lookout for the next big thing. One day we’re creating pillar pages and topic clusters to please the Google gods, and then the next, we’re overhauling our entire social strategy because another…
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16 Email Marketing Best Practices That Actually Drive Results

This is a guest post written by Jamie Turner, founder of the 60 Second Marketer. He is an in-demand marketing speaker and author of the book entitled Go Mobile with Jeanne Hopkins, former VP of marketing at HubSpot. While email marketing may not get the attention some newer marketing channels get, it’s still a terrific…
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7 Ad Design Tips to Help Your Brand Cut Through the Noise

Before your copy can persuade an audience to buy your product, your design must persuade them to buy your copy. In advertising, your design catches your audience’s eye and points their attention to your copy. Then, it’s your copy’s job to hold your audience’s attention. To help grab people’s attention in your advertisements, we’ve put…
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The Best 16 Online Quiz Makers in 2019

Grabbing — and keeping — your audience’s attention has never been harder. Nowadays, people are bombarded with marketing 24/7, and yet, the average attention span actually dropped in 2015, to a mere eight seconds. Fortunately, there are fun and unique strategies you can implement to engage your audience — and one of those strategies is…
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15 Ways to Get More Followers on Instagram

It’s no secret that business opportunities are quickly growing on Instagram. Approximately 80% of Instagram’s 1 billion active monthly users now follow a business account on the platform. While Instagram hasn’t reported its current number of business users, the platform reportedly hosted more than 25 million of these accounts in late 2017. As the platform continues to grow and develop more interactive features, such as Instagram…
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The 15 Best WordPress Widgets for Your Website

If you can name it, there’s a WordPress widget for it. What started as a way to customize your sidebar has become an unimaginable wealth of usefulness. Widgets allow you to easily add complex functions to your site that can have a huge impact on the user experience. Whether you want an eye-catching display of…
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The 15 Best WordPress Booking Plugins in 2019

The more you can automate, the more you can focus on delivering value for your customers. However, it can be difficult to create automated processes without diminishing the customer experience. Fortunately, certain tools are able to provide both efficiency for you and satisfaction for your customers — and one of those tools is a WordPress…
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20 Examples of Social Proof in Action in 2019

I recently came across the greatest dog bed in the history of dog beds — seriously, it felt like it was made of clouds. And after asking the dog owner about it, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that the same company also made regular beds. (Score.) Needless to say, I’m now the proud…
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The Ultimate Guide to Google Data Studio in 2019

Having data is one thing. Accessing it is another. Understanding and analyzing it is yet another. And visualizing it? Well, that’s a level of mastery that most people never reach. If you can make it to this stage, you’ll be capable of unlocking invaluable insights for your business. You’ll have a serious advantage when it…
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How To Leverage The Rise of “Near Me” Searches

Nowadays, voice-enabled devices such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home are becoming increasingly commonplace. Additionally, mobile searches for local services continue to rise, and by 2021, mobile devices are expected to influence $1.4 trillion in local sales. All of which is to say — people searching online for local services is now more prevalent than…
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