IKEA’s first-ever Christmas advert is the best thing you’ll see all day

IKEA’s first-ever Christmas advert is the best thing you’ll see all day



(Image credit: IKEA)

Did you know IKEA has never released a Christmas advert until today? We found it hard to believe too. But later tonight TV screens will see the first-ever festive IKEA ad, and, well, we love it. The perfect antidote to the usual tear-jerkers offered up in the festive period, this hip-hop themed offering from IKEA and Mother London had us both laughing and cringing (at how relatable it is) at the same time. 

Encourage the nation to defy ‘home shame’ and open up their homes to guests this festive season, ‘Silence the Critics’ opens with a small flat that has seen better days. The beat drops and a, quite frankly, vulgar-looking cat teapot and various other household ornaments come to life with a brutal rap, voiced by legendary MC D Double E, that ridicules everything from the tired furnishings and cracked walls, to the lack of space. 

“This place ain’t blessed, this place is a mess (disgusting)” – told you it was savage. We particularly like the part where the T-Rex gets chucked into the toy chest as he begins to rap more devastating blows. Not that you’d ever catch us tidying our house in such a fashion, you understand.

The couple in the advert become overcome with ‘home shame’ (we’ve been there) when faced with impending guests and the external manifestation of this is offbeat, and very funny. As Christmas adverts go, it’s a brilliantly refreshing change from the usual heartwarming, sentimental offerings you see this time of year. And encompasses everything we love about IKEA as a brand, which is the ability to not take itself too seriously (something it demonstrates regularly in its brilliant print ads). 

Silence the Critics will first air on Friday 8 November, on Channel 4 in the Gogglebox break. But if you can’t wait that long, you can watch it in full right here:

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