Prototype smart products with UXPin API requests

Prototype smart products with UXPin API requests


We’re entering an exciting era in tech. From robots to smart appliances, many things that fell into the sci-fi category a few short years ago have now become reality. The creators of cult classic Back to the Future II envisaged a crazy world in which you could control your home using only your voice. 

Now, not only is it perfectly possible to switch your lights on or select music using your voice, you can do these things via an app on your phone while you yourself are miles away.

And although the technology driving these smart tool is complex, designing the UX for them doesn’t need to be. UXPin’s API Request feature enables you to prototype these kinds of experiences from directly within your design tool – with no need for code. As Doc Brown would say: Jumpin’ Gigawatts! You can get a taste of it in action in the video below.

As you can see, API Request enables you to create app prototypes that ‘talk’ to your products – for example, simulating the changing colours of your smart light bulbs. Or if you were working with a car manufacturing company, you could build a prototype that would be able to communicate with the car; even saving data from the prototype to a spreadsheet. It works by enabling you to send HTTP requests to an external API.

UXPin is known for merging design and engineering to enable web professionals to develop products quickly and easily, no matter how complex or cutting-edge the technology being prototyped for. API Request is the latest addition to UXPin’s Interactions capabilities.

Try the new feature for yourself with a free trial, and start prototyping the user experiences of the future. 

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