Does Big Tech Have Too Much Power? [Infographic]

Does Big Tech Have Too Much Power? [Infographic]


With debate over Facebook’s influence rolling on, and questions around the digital dominance of Apple and Amazon, the question needs to be asked – is it beneficial for so few major tech platforms to have such significant control over our day to day interactions and processes?

That influence is only going to increase – we now rely on our smartphones and digital platforms to keep us connected, to keep us informed, and to help us transfer money, pay bills, buy products, etc. It’s a little scary when you consider just how much we depend on these tools, and then, by extension, how much data they have on us, and how they might use such moving forward.

US regulators are already taking a closer look at how the tech giants operate, and Presidential candidates Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders have flagged their intentions to break them up if elected. Would that be a better outcome?

The team from Great Business Schools has provided the below overview of the case against big tech. 

Breaking up big tech infographic

A version of this post was first published on the Digital Information World blog.




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