Facebook Launches Cross-Account Reporting and Custom Ad Metrics

Facebook Launches Cross-Account Reporting and Custom Ad Metrics


Facebook has this week added some new performance measurement options in Ad Manager, including cross-account reporting and custom metrics.

First off, on cross-account reporting – now, when you’re managing multiple Facebook ad accounts, you’ll be able to get a clearer, overall view of ad performance, all within the Ad Manager dashboard, as opposed to having to extract the data for each account yourself.

Facebook cross-account reporting

As per Facebook:

With cross-account reporting, you’ll be able to see metrics – such as reach, impressions, and conversions – across multiple ad accounts. This reporting surface serves as a one-stop shop for a clear, concise report on your business’ performance and will allow you to save time that was previously spent manually building reports.”

As you can see in the screenshot above, the option makes it easier to measure and compare specific performance metrics across each of the accounts you manage, giving you more context for your decisions, and streamlining your ad management process. 

In addition, the new listings will also display de-duplicated reach, a data option which is not available when you download the same reports manually.

Facebook’s also rolling out a new custom metrics option, which will enable advertisers to build the metric formulas of most relevance to their goals, then save them for ongoing tracking.

Facebook Custom Metrics

The features are more aligned to dedicated Facebook ad management organizations, and those conducting broader scale ad initiatives, but the custom metrics tools, in particular, could provide additional assistance for all Facebook advertisers who are looking to get more specific insights into their ad performance.

You can read more about the new Facebook ad metric additions here 




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