23 Witty Grammar Jokes & Puns to Satisfy Your Inner Grammar Nerd

23 Witty Grammar Jokes & Puns to Satisfy Your Inner Grammar Nerd


Have you ever cringed at a “Got Milk?” ad? Feel a strange sense of pride when you find a typo in a reputable book? Did you secretly (or not-so-secretly) love making syntax trees in school?

Then you might just love these grammar jokes as much as we do. Here are a few of our favorites — share yours with us in the comment section! 

(Note: A few of them could be considered inappropriate in some work environments … )

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23 Humorous Grammar Jokes & Puns

1. The streets were oddly desserted that night.

desserted-streets grammar joke

Image from Write At Home

2. The Case of the High Apostrophe Intelligence 

#Funny pic.twitter.com/uUbW7Kvrp6

— Grammarly (@Grammarly) November 29, 2014

3. The past, the present, and the future walked into a bar.

it-was-tense grammar joke

Image from WeKnowMemes

4. I’ll never date another apostrophe.

too-possessive grammar joke

Image from CartoonStock 

5. Correct grammar makes me sound dry.

makes-me-sound-dry grammar joke

Image from JoyReactor

6. 10 Items or Fewer

10-items-or-fewer grammar joke

Image from Bakersfield College Writing Center

7. Knowing Your Sh*t vs. Knowing You’re Sh*T

grammar-the-difference grammar joke

Image from Dump a Day

8. Squids, Not Squad

squids-squad grammar joke

Image from ScoopWhoop 

9. The door is alarmed.

“This door is alarmed!” #funny pic.twitter.com/LqP9gJVhos

— Grammarly (@Grammarly) December 7, 2014

10. A Tense Situation

take-action-in-past grammar joke

Image from Wrong Hands

11. Name two pronouns.

name-two-pronouns grammar joke

Image from Tumblr

12. Stop clubbing.

baby-seals grammar joke

Image from Odd Loves Company

13. We better just stop right now.

slow-it-down grammar joke

Image from Pinterest 

14. What do you call Santa’s elves?

subordinate-clauses grammar joke

Image from Tumblr

15. Let’s eat Grandma!

lets-eat-grandma grammar joke

Image from Bilinguish

16. When English Majors Marry

when-english-majors-marry grammar joke

Image from Bizarro

17. When Grammarians Grill

when-grammarians-grill grammar joke

Image from Pinterest

18. Eye Before Flea

eye-before-flea grammar joke

Image from Grammarly 

19. Blade named Sting

blade-named-sting grammar joke

Image from BuzzFeed 

20. Dork is the preferred nomenclature. 

nerd-geek-dork grammar joke

Image from shoebox

21. To Funny

to-funny grammar joke

Image from someecards.com 

22. That’s a classy owl.

classy-owl grammar joke

Image from Sentence First 

23. Ancient Grammar Police

ancient-grammar-police grammar joke

Image from GoComics

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in December 2014 and was updated in November 2019 for accuracy and comprehensiveness.

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